Yeti Army marching? No, Iran holds military parade

The Iranian Army held its annual parade to mark Army Day in Tehran on Saturday. Many new domestic weapons were unveiled during the ceremony including the Bavar 373 air defense missile system.


  1. America is trying hard to make friends with countries again because its
    allies already sided with China. Sanctions didn’t work for Cuba, they make
    friends with them. Sanctions didn’t work for Iran either, now they’re
    making deals. If you can’t beat them, might as well join them or befriend
    them :)

  2. I am going to call it as I see it. These soldiers look ridiculous. I only
    hope that in the next lifetime the human race will evolve beyond this
    insanity. I know it’s wishful thinking and haters are going to hate. I just
    have to speak my mind.

  3. The Iran give us another great military parade! the Russia and Russians
    really respect the Iran and Iranian people! we love Iran for its courage
    and bravely in fight with the Dictatorship of the United states and
    The Great Iran is strong and it will be always have allies and friends in
    the Russian nation,Chinese nation and many others!!!
    The Russian nation sending these words to the great and proud Iranian
    nation: The Iranian people are smart and strong and that is why the
    Americans and Jews never stop you from fulfilled all your goals!

  4. Wow at the beginning of this video, I thought Iran had enlisted the help of
    the Sasquatch community to fight for the country. Certainly a formidable
    force to deal with if they had but I know that Bigfoots are often enough
    pacifists, keep themselves to themselves, more than I can say about human
    beings though.

  5. The Industrial Military Complex paid advertisement. Owned and operated
    worldwide by the global Elite. The Elite back all sides of war, insuring
    they and their future generations stay in control. Culling the masses, or
    population control as Agenda 21 reads. And we the people of our planet
    continue to have our differences helping the Elite stay on top. I have a
    genuine hatred towards these folks.

  6. Those guys rolling in wheel chairs are still twice as strong and brave than
    your average American soldier.

  7. This really looks silly!! But,I don’t doubt their courage…………they
    won’t be like the stupid Iraqi Forces…….Israel/US has no chance against
    Iran……I hope they do invade/attack Iran,so I can see Iranians kicking

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