WW3: Encircling China, U.S. to Sign 25 Year Military Agreement with Australia!

“The agreement that we’ll sign tomorrow has a term of 25 years. And you know, it — as I say, just nothing more or less than a win-win for both of us,”…


  1. BIG mistake Australia. Look at the state of US and its allies. The
    Australian people will just get shafted and used up for being involved with
    fascist America. Hope the Ausie people can see this . They are not as dumb
    as the US public or as afraid to stand up. We will see.

  2. China has nuclear powered ships just like the other superpowers do. They do
    not need to refuel. They have a range of years.

  3. China’s allies (Russia , N. Korea , and Iran) are the craziest nuclear
    power countries of all. Ready to bomb us off the face of this earth. 

  4. We’re “encircling China” because the countries near China and Russia are
    afraid of China and Russia, so these countries are looking for America to
    protect them

  5. china are pigs testicles australia south korea philippines all same
    testicles the only 2 countries in WW3 is usa and russia they are only 2
    with triad first strike nukes and thousands of nukes which will be released
    and even they dont hit the target the nuclear fallout will kill animals and
    plants infect the drinking water the soil and make humans sick that is
    why you dont see america use any military against russia lots of talking
    but no action this is the spark that everyone is waiting for nato or
    america to dare to attack russia and risk 1000s of nukes get released now
    that will be the biggest news story ever in human history if it do happen

  6. Solar Sun Event / Microwaves! (March 2015)
    Volume of INNER CORE of (SUN 3230ft Cubic Feet) (Moon 1440ft Cubic Feet)
    (Earth 2925ft Cubic Feet) (Dark Matter Object 486ft Cubic Feet)
    This object will orbit with (Microwaves Frequency 10) around the Sun March
    Result / Flash Floods 10,000 year flood with a Duration: (5 Months 24 Days)
    Description of INNER CORES: Dark Matter High Density
    INNER CORES are ALL Polyhedron Shape: (Rectangular Cuboid)
    Wake up AMERICA!

  7. To any fuckhead Australians ( NO , not the good ones ! The fuckheads .. OK
    !) who think that theJEW CONTROLLED USA ( in its CURRENT state) is a good
    thing for Australia . ReasearchCIAmossadSERCO involvement(SPYING
    /Interventions) re:PineGap/Echelon/Canberra. Extortion of
    Australia-9llWestgateWestfieldLowy-terroristMossadBomb THREATS.
    SERCOmossadSydneyRail. NationalSafetyCouncilCIA-KangrooIsland HeloShooting
    range. Australia is being bled dry byJEW controlled ‘us’ ( small ‘u’)
    corporations. The traitors within the Aus govt are TOTALY owned by
    terrorist corporateJews and theJew banks. The real Aussies have been
    religated to nothing but ‘service personnel ‘ to theJew banks who are
    levelling Australia and will fuck it as they do to EVERY country they
    parasite off – facilitated by the HIGHJACKED TREASONOUS US government and
    its fraudulent ‘leaders’. Who see EVERYONE but themselves as CHEYA DRECK
    -(animal shit ).

  8. All Russia and China has to is dump all the USA depts.They dont need to go
    to war to fuck up the west.Thats probably why the USA goverent and USD
    petro want to pick a war with them.

  9. As an Australian this makes me sick. We should’nt sign agreements with
    terrorist states. We in Australia need to keep out of the U.S’s complete
    and utter inhumane quest for world domination.We have jumped to thier aid
    every time they have asked and in each time it’s been a false flag i.e
    Vietnam-Iraq-Afgahnistan this is just crazy. We have our tongue so far up
    the U.S arse. And when you keep sucking arse you’ll eventually choke on

  10. now instead of making bombs… make sandwiches… drop them on the poor
    palistinians, drop sandwiches all over. Fuck war, people respond better to

  11. I wish Obama would leave us Aussies alone!!!! There’s no way I want to be
    in bed with your scheming leader!!! 

  12. DAHBOO – what do you think the incident in St. Louis is distracting us
    from? Is it the ebola crisis…WW3? What’s your thoughts? 

  13. I dunno I think Russia is playing in U.S hands with the sub and plane chase
    they did. U.S just pulled some sleight of hand on Russia. Watch a super
    sinkhole is going to swallow moscow or something. U.S dropped some special
    forces guys in with one of our many secret weapons yet to be disclosed or
    fully aware to the public like the tsunami bomb we made during WWII. Then
    said screw it Manhattan project sounds better but hey we got an alternative
    if we can’t do the atomic bomb. But regardless all that U.S is doing is a
    show. Waiting for Russia to actually invade U.S air space by a few miles
    before they shoot it down when it’s definitely an act of war on Russia’s
    part. Unfortunately both Obama and Putin are idiots that can only lead
    their nations to more bad karma than do any actual good.

  14. I thought same thing. I remember the report of the HUGE oil reserves found
    in Australia, figures US is on top of that. This is not good news though.
    TY for sharing! God bless you!

  15. <<<<<<< thus the reason I use this photo. AUSTRALIANS ARE NOT CONSULTED ABOUT THIS!!! NO MATER WHICH FARCICAL PARTY THEY ARE FROM AUSTRALIAN POLITICIANS HAVE ALWAYS CO TOED TO US MILITARY BULLSHIT. Second only to ISRAEL the US GOVERNMENT is the most maniacally evil administration on this earth !! 

  16. Russia has no military agreements, thus no military obligations, with any
    country. But that’s not a problem for China. USA, Russia and India can
    resist, but China will obliderate anyone else in a blink of an eye (God
    forbids if something will start). And I think they still holding a grudge
    against Japanese for WW2.

  17. now instead of making bombs… make sandwiches… drop them on the poor
    palistinians, drop sandwiches all over. Fuck war, people respond better to

  18. i promise you one thing the cold war was fake russia is on the wests side
    its all show for when we go to war with china

  19. America is making there backyard even bigger but lets see who will strike
    first and will the other countries have balls to help America 

  20. Tis an excellent move. Dumbo in the WH will be gone soon and we will have
    an American in there. Beat them at the game of GO. Atari.

  21. Bad move for Australia who should stay in middle to get better benefits.
    Once u choose to stay on one side then u lose all benefits from other side

  22. China is taking all the Gold they can get there little hands on. Not
    looking good for the USA. Need to make friends not enemy’s .

  23. So…. The titles says 25 years assignment huh? Does this mean a war is
    coming up in the following 25 years? Yup, its happening right before your
    eyes ladies and gentleman. 

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