WTF! NYC Installs ‘Electronic Ears’ In Major Areas

It’s called ShotSpotter, a large tracking system which detects gunfire and then triangulates the position of the sound. Acoustic sensors are placed in strategic areas, mostly along rooftops…


  1. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the pax-american
    panopticon. How have they been able to get cameras and microphones on
    nearly 90% of the population? Cellphones, laptop and PC cameras, kinect/
    Wii systems. People disclose all their info willingly through these mediums
    not even counting social media which is a 24/7 clog of their every waking
    thought! This is but another drop in the bucket, they’ve had CCTV systems
    that talk to people for years now in Britain and in some states.

  2. Did you notice their last line in the article? ” Meaning if you need to
    whisper something private, you may want to drive to a rural area first.” 

  3. You could confuse cops so much with these things. Setup speakers to play
    gunshot sounds in multiple areas and rob banks in other areas once they
    send all available units to the gunshot areas.

  4. You’re being more paranoid than usual. Cities have had these gunshot
    locater microphones for over a decade. The electronics in them only react
    to gunshots (a loud noise with a sharp attack followed by a slower decay),
    not to voices. If you wanted to pick up voices, you wouldn’t mount a
    microphone on the roof or on the top of a telephone pole. Not only is the
    distance too far away from the subject, but the ambient noise would be too
    difficult to filter out. Plus it won’t work if people are moving. If they
    wanted to listen to what people are saying, they would just use the
    microphone on people’s cell phones. The phone doesn’t even have to be
    powered on.

    the Highest Bidders for Monopolistic control of Everything. Public Trials &
    Public Hangings for the Treasonous Traitors.

  6. not sure why we are supposed to enjoy our freedoms, we were born into
    slavery from day one, the truth is what sets us free

  7. And if 666 microchips are installed in people, after they triangulate the
    source of the gun fire (or anti-govt. speech or whatever) they’ll be able
    to track the person down even if he/she moves.

  8. Why should we worry? …they still haven’t produced any video of the Tsarny
    brother placing down the backpack…oh ya, I guess that’s why we should
    worry…with more eaves-dropping and video spying devices obviously it could
    of stopped all that Boston it might of saved the many injured
    from having to be dangerously wheelchaired to the monstrosity known only to
    some as the “MAGNIFICENT THING” Right Peekay? 

  9. Looks like it might be time to get some firecrackers going off, dropped
    randomly from moving vehicle. 🙂 freak em out! Hahahahahahah! 

  10. Maybe throwing pamphlets out of an airplane would be a choice to make
    people see the truth. Should their be a report card on things that people
    were lied to by the government. I think the list would be too long. We
    need to drop things.that passed and focus on what will happen if card. Too
    much blaming on old issues keeps the American people off the now news. If
    the internet is not a course then pbs tv or newsprint. But that is not
    what people use on phones. So what is used…. apps, iPhone and computer
    applications, podcasts, radio iTunes, etc. Start now and if the people get
    limited they will see it coming. All YouTube News needs to branch out now.
    Others will follow.

  11. how r they gonna decipher gunshots from firecrackers?….im callin bs
    not to mention the info has to be relayed from the west coast

  12. New York is just further ahead than other cities. Just FYI, if you talk to
    security in most stores or malls, they may tell you about listening devices
    along with the video surveillance. I believe i heard that the warning signs
    for video surveillance can also mean audio, without saying so, but those
    microphones can hear a pin drop.

  13. I’ll be looking forward to all the ingenious prank videos on these “ear”
    units haha. Assuming they would be easily located. I have no doubt the
    primary use for these things, aside from gun shots, would be for listening
    in on conversations. Probably hidden, and high up to prevent tampering.
    Crap, there goes my prank videos haha. Well there is bottle rockets too :-D

  14. This technology is being turned back upon us. Terrorists aren’t the ones’
    taking your freedom and constitutionally protected privacy away. Our own
    government is.

  15. Electronic ears?

    ShotSpotter sounds like what they use in WAR….

    how many gunshots are going off daily? weekly? for them to worry enough to
    need this in NY?

  16. The founders of this country, ,, the forefathers including George
    Washington would be in a political prison today if they were lucky to be
    even ALIVE at this point….

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