Woman Is Gunned Down By 19 Year Old In A Road Rage Dispute ft. David So

1 – Road Rage News http://www.cnn.com/2015/02/23/us/las-vegas-shooting/ JK MERCH: http://www.justkiddingfilms.bigcartel.com Special Thanks to Our Guest & Friend: David So YouTube: …


  1. Just let Tiffany explain the stories, I get so frustrated when Julia tries
    to explain them. When David started explain the story for Julia, David
    mentioned so much more that Julia had left out …she never said they
    started shooting at each other when they found each other…. She said the
    mom and the son found the Eric guy and then they went home and as she got
    out the car she got shot

  2. I don’t mind Julia hosting the news but that was funny how she struggled to
    explain the story in a few minutes that David had to jump in and it took
    him less than half a minute.

  3. I just ripped the most awesome fart during this video!!!
    I should have recorded it and made it a ringtone. 

  4. Look at all these morons commenting on Julia’s performance as the news
    reader, are you actually coming to JKnews for legitimate news
    Don’t worry, Julia! We got yo back, stay positive, keep that smile up! 

  5. Let julie be the reporter, she’s the best at reporting and we’re so use to
    it, and she’s so cute.
    Tiffany takes over for a few episodes and does a much better job at

    Jk news fan logic:
    Nope, we want Julia, we want a dyslexic girl who makes up convos can’t
    pronounce words to host and makes things confusing and unclear. 

  6. Okay, this is what I got from the article: daughter is practicing driving
    in parking lot, but then the suspects’ car pulls alongside them and blocks
    their path. Daughter drives herself and mom home. Mom and son got a gun and
    go out looking for the car. They find the car and follow it, then the
    driver stops and the passenger fires at the mom and son. Mom and son went
    home, but another car of the same group followed and shot the mom in front
    of her own home.

    Correct me in parts that I am wrong, but I understood Julia the first time
    and became confused when everyone asked questions. 

  7. The dude Eric has mental problems. Paranoid. Like he couldn’t tell that the
    mother was teacher her daughter how to drive? REALLY?????!!!!

    Dude, use common sense first before you start thinking crazy and shit.

    That’s like if someone keeps parking in front of my house and I was all
    paranoid and shit…”Someone’s stalking my house. SHIT..!! Where’s my

    Or use common sense and be like, “Oh, he’s teaching someone how to parallel
    park.” Where did I get that idea??? “Because theres a sign on top of the
    car that reads, ‘Teacher Driver’???”

    Come on…! People use common sense. GOD..!!

  8. The woman that got killed knew the guy. Her whole family knew him. They
    actually withheld information from the cops and we’re constantly changing
    the story. The woman would go buy “stuff“ from the 19 year old guy at the
    park. She went and woke up her son to come back her up. The whole thing is
    really Co fusing 

  9. I’m sorry, idk what you guys are talking about. I understood it completely
    when Julia said the story first…I didn’t get how the crew members didn’t
    get it either

  10. Joe “The story is all over the place” Lol NOOOoo Julia is all over the
    place, Please put Tiffany to tell/read these types of stories…. Or
    David, I’m sure it would be a lot more funny if he explained them. He has
    this natural funny comedy side, Plus he did a good job explaining it after
    Julia told it confusing. 

  11. crazy psycho eric…dumbass mom and son think that they are bad boys or
    sth…22 shots and no one in the neighbourhood was alarmed or tried to ring
    the police??? fuckin shithole of a place, thats how idiots like them were

  12. You fucks should stop insulting Julia. She should be on just kidding news,
    and should be in just kidding films. Leave her alone!! :)

  13. I thought I was the only one who got really confused when she was
    explaining the story…then I read the comments lol.

  14. They all talk “big” but if they do “murder” someone as they say they would,
    they would be thrown in jail for at least 10 years.

  15. HI JULIA, please read the whole article and organize your thoughts before
    telling the story. I saw how JK crew was struggling with your story too

  16. Watch Tiffany explaining the story next video and everyone loses their mind
    and comments how Julia should be back.

  17. this incident is even more confusing because it’s been said the lady knew
    the teen, they live near each other and she allegedly has bought drugs from
    him in the past, or maybe this is a lie as well, too many inconsistencies
    in this story

  18. Calm down people. Julia just started. She just needs more time to get use
    to reading the articles and then exsplaining them…(feels like she’s done
    this for a 100 episodes)

  19. Yea Julia is nice but I think she shouldn’t explain the story/news anymore
    she gets everyone confused and then most of the time someone else has to
    explain the story.

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