Woman Gets Third Boob Implanted To Become “Unattractive”

A woman has decided to get a third boob implanted to become “unattractive to men” but she doesn’t understand how men work. Buy some awesomeness for yourself! .


  1. this videos presents me more questions than answers. Like, does she want to
    be forever single? Is she a lesbian? Why couldnt they add a 3rd nipple? Why
    choose a 3rd boobs in the first place?

  2. why would u wanna be unattractive? It’s one thing to not care about your
    looks. It’s another thing to PURPOSELY make your self less attractive.
    That’s just screwed up. P.s. I’d date a girl with a 3rd boob :3 so it’s not

  3. 3rd boob to try and make men avoid you, is she stupid? that will bring even
    more freaks (me included) wantin to hit dat XD

  4. How does this logic work? I don’t want men to find me attractive so I’ll
    add more of what most men obsess over, and then I’l have all my clothing
    tailor made and fitted so that people know that I have a manufactured
    uniqueness that will only draw more attention to me.

  5. She made a lot of fans of Total Recall very happy. I’ll admit I do look at
    a woman’s breast, but there has to be more to them that that. I like a
    woman that is intelligent and with a great sense of humor. Because beauty
    fades, but the mind stays.

  6. If she tries to cover them up with a shirt it’s just gonna make her look
    like she has really wide lumpy tits. Also does she not realize that
    everybody she bumps into is just gonna stare at her tits creating more
    issues. If you don’t wanna date guys just don’t date guys and ignore the
    perverts who try to make u feel uncomfortable

  7. Would I? Yeah I would, but from the article I read she seems way too crazy
    so I’d probably give her the name and number of someone I don’t like, just
    in case.

  8. Wait, this may sound stupid, but is she missing an Areola AND a nipple? Or
    just the Areola?
    That’s the difference between her having twins and triplets… :O
    *or am i just being stupid and they’re the same thing*

  9. Holy shit…. This lady is so crazy.

    I’d still hit that.

    I would smash that.

    I would bend it over a table and rampage that.

    You made it close to the end of my comment.

    Would you like a cookie?

  10. In a video featuring complaints about sexism, it sure contained a HELL of a
    lot of sexism (towards men)
    Har har.
    I love Will, and the deprecation is exactly my style, but dayamn to men get
    thrown under a lot of buses.

  11. “I did this to become unnatractive…”

    When I hear women try to pass nonsense like this are logic and reason, all
    I can think off is the master on the Kung Pao (or whatever it was called)
    Kung Fu parody movie saying something lile, “She really believes she
    doesn’t do things because she is an attention whore… We trained wrong, on

    #attentionwhore, #threeboobs, #tripletits, #triplets, #boobies, #totalrecall,
    #merica, #manity

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