Will Google Use Aborted Babies In Their Quest For Immortality?

Our children and unborn babies are being used as commodities and soon will be traded like livestock. A California company is using organs from aborted babies to grow full sized organs for transplan…


  1. This world is messed up. Stop wars, smoke a bowl – Find God – Live in
    peace. How hard is this to follow? Rather die knowing my body did not live
    off murdered babies. 

  2. Seriously how can a free government arrest a mother for choosing to not rub
    steroid cream on her baby’s rash. How will you government trolls defend

  3. Will Google Use Aborted Babies In Their Quest For Immortality? – Our
    children and unborn babies are being used as commodities and soon will be
    traded like livestock. A California company is using organs from aborted
    babies to grow full sized organs for transplants. Google is on a quest for
    immortality. Will they turn to this sickening procedure in their quests to
    become gods on earth?







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  4. I was on a conference call with some scientists not too long ago that were
    speaking about the possibility of our living to see 500, without any of
    that crap! I am definitely using products that heal and extend life!
    Gosh, the owners of SPACE-X/NASA have been using BIONAID on the ISS for
    decades! I have killed MRSA in a dying child in 6 hours with this stuff! I
    have healed the H1N1/THE 2005 PATENTED SWINEFLU, in three people with it,
    too! The scientist that created the stuff was murdered by THE MILITARY
    COMPLEX, when he refused to sell the patent to them for $60,000,000!
    I have recently been using another product line that has products that hold
    the Nobel Prize, for their healing capabilities. After 30 years of taking
    insulin for diabetes type 2 my mother’s doctor did not renew her
    prescription! That tells me a lot about these wonderful products, right
    there! And she had massive varicose veins all of her adult life. They are
    gone now, too!
    There are ways to heal our bodies that are full of today’s high science
    that do not require harming any other beings in their production. As a
    matter of fact they are 100% natural and organic. They are made with the
    pure remedies that God gave mankind to use! Just look at and listen to the
    science involved with their creation and the ingredients listed in them.

  5. That Leathers whore is taking down corrupt perverted democrat POLITICIANS
    at an alarming rate,.

    She is doing more than Infowhores

    Infowhores = a bunch of talk, no one ever gets fired or put in jail.

    Prostitute Leathers = a bunch of resignations from corrupt politicians who
    are shamed and disgraced.

    …..She got Weiner and now Moed,

    You simply rant and give platforms to the Geraldo’s of the world,.

    That bitch is a serious patriot, You need to catch up and see if you can
    actually get someone to resign or put in jail,.


  6. The New Energy of the 7th Golden Age (which shifted to the Christ
    Consciousness Grid) will not support “unethical corporations” starting now.
    People don’t understand that we will never go back to the “Dark Ages”. Once
    you expand your consciousness, and that’s why we’re at the University of
    Earth….we go forward…as God/Creator decreed. 

  7. They have known since the 1800’s that if you give an old mouse a blood
    transfusion with the blood of young mice it rejuvenates.
    Maybe that is what is behind the whole abortion thing. What other species
    kills it’s own baby before it it”s even born and how did the public get
    sold on the idea?
    Could explain why people like Henry Kissinger are still around.

  8. Why waste so much time and money looking. You do it with your mind. Do
    you have one of those? Then you can have long life. We are designed for
    900 years…this is well known…..and validated

  9. They won’t just use babies they will and are using adults that have
    sustained a none threatening life injury and the medics have induced a coma
    and said that they want permission to harvest the organs.


  10. You may also want to do some updated research on the outcome of these
    investigations, prosecutions, and convictions: http://www.ITCCS.org
    The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and STATE is well aware of
    what these creatures have been doing to and with our human children all
    over the entire planet!! And the participants in these attacks, upon the
    most innocent and helpless people of mankind, have already been convicted
    of Their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in a World Court in Brussels!

  11. I hope these peoples bodies live to be 500,
    There minds will shatter, the brain and mind cant live that long.

    These people say we dont believe in Yet they are afraid of there judgment

  12. I can see 500 year old vampires running the world govt and world
    corporations now. They never age. They just become more evil the longer
    they live.

  13. Blah Blah Blah…it’s always the same….blah blah blah….with NO
    RESULTS….your videos from 1993 sounds the same as today.,

  14. I Knew This Was Already Happening! … That’s Why Everyone In The Elites
    Wants Abortion Legal And Peomoted…

  15. How old is this fucker Bill Maris, I can’t find his official age anywhere,
    his birthdate isn’t listed on wikipedia which is very concerning.

  16. Obama care pays for abortion. They won’t give you medication for a cold but
    they will gladly pay for an abortion. Makes you wonder how much money there
    is in selling dead babies.

  17. It’s a scary thing that ‘good’ Google are in front of such a evil
    technology. Black is white and white is black in this evil generation 

  18. ” The process, being developed by the California company GANOGEN, removes
    organs from aborted babies, transplants them into a rat or pig and then
    allows them to grow so they can be transplanted into a human. Work
    initially has been done on kidneys. “

  19. I don’t like this humans are not sheeps its morally wrong to farm humans in
    order for others to live longer.
    If we find ways to live longer thats wonderful but not on the expense of
    other humans.
    I believe god have a plan for us when we die we will be reincarnated on
    another place in universe.

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