Wilbur Ross at Davos Talking Trade with “Maria Bartiromo”

Wilbur Ross at Davos Talking Trade with “Maria Bartiromo”


  1. Get rid of the corrupt WTO. America needs to make its own trade deals. Stop other Countries from dumping products below the cost of manufacturing. Bring back the jobs to the USA. Make America great again.

  2. look…..the people who can now afford newer washing machines, Hybrid cars, etc. will DO it…..as long as they still have a Job/get a Raise. and then within a year, others of us will be able to buy their used models for 1/4 the price. or get a discount on Last Year's Model. Lay-away is making a comeback, too, so you can stay on a budget. But they'll be great. Used, but good quality. Just like MY 30-yr. old Washer/Dryer (Maytag/Kenmore)= I'll have to take a sledge hammer to them to get new ones. The only thing I've ever had to replace was the removable lint trap on the dryer because the screening finally ripped away from the little frame you pull in & out to clean! and thankfully, I was able to get the exact replacement online. But that's what Made in U.S.A. used to mean! Hmm….I wonder how soon I'll be able to get my favorite Bra again for $3.99? OK….so it won't be $3.99 anymore like before Clinton's NAFTA sent Playtex packing to Mexico. But seriously…..we had this thing called an Order Form that came inside a Catalog. and envelopes/stamps/checks. OR, we had this thing called a telephone that we could CALL the Company on, get a REAL person and give them our Order….later on, we could even use Credit Cards over the phone= wowee! It all worked. We even survived with no stores open on Sunday. lol

  3. You're going to see a Lot of Countries/Corporations/Organizations starting to say what they really think in the Era of Trump!

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