Why No One Could Have Predicted This Presidential Election – Cracked Responds


It’s an election of firsts except not in a good way, more like a time-for-a-clean-pair-of-underwear way.

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  1. As a person from the Nordic countries I hope for you that it is Bernie Sanders that wins, Hillary seems to be bought and Trump well he reminds us of a German leader with a funny mustache back in the day, the guy even says he wants to commit war crimes and other human rights violations. If you vote trump in then please put a a big lock on the nuclear weapons, with his baby hands he should not be able to open it easily.

  2. Consider why is the world's control machinery and apparatus is against Trump. Are they afraid that he will help the masses and expose the despotic and unreasonable, socio-economic structure that has held us in the squalor for centuries? More and more, Americans are seeing the wisdom behind Trump's decision to self-fund his campaign, even if he has to reimburse himself. He might be vilified by the media for it, but it is a very savvy way of circumnavigating the American people and himself, around the influence and juggernaut machinery that has kept the people beholden to the NWO, and subject to its sinister plans. At last, someone has the guts to stand against the "bring them to heel" syndicated machinery and that man is Trump.

  3. if trump gets the nomination, I feel like the voter turnout would go up to 95% and trump losing by a landslide

  4. Brokered Convention gets Rubio/Cruz vs Bernie/hisVP(Jill Stien?) vs Trump/hisVP(Palin?) going independent. Bernie wins massively as in the light red and purple states the right wing votes get split letting Bernie win with a massive amount of delegates. Possible winning some deep red states as the democratic vote will be enough to beet the divided Republican and Trump vote.

  5. The Sanders supporters in these comments are kind of sadly adorable. They still have this weird idea in their heads that he has a snowball's chance in hell after Super Tuesday.

    Trump v. Clinton; Clinton wins by a landslide as Independents(who haven't been voting in the primaries because they can't) and Moderate Republicans of the #NeverTrump movement flock to Clinton just to keep Trump out of office. Add to his hateful rhetoric that America is collectively sick of the Republicans' shit; the stonewalling of every reform we've asked for in Congress, their repeated attempts to gut and defame government organisations working-class people(aka most of the voter base) need to survive, and this is just not a good year for Republicans. In fact well-respected professionals and experts(like Anna Cox and Robert Reich) have stated that it's very likely the entire Republican Party is going to fragment, and that whatever takes its place will be either one radically different party or several separate, smaller parties.

    Just look up " The GOP is self-destructing", and read some of those articles.

  6. Hope come everyone keeps kissing Hillary's ass like shes some fucking saint when she's the furthest thing from one, Hell Trump is closer to being a saint than Hillary is. Hillary didn't absolutely jack squat a NY Senator, then fucked being US Secretary of State, so this makes her the best candidate for president? At least Trump actually goes out there a tries to get what he wants done, and more times than not has succeed in getting the job done, than failed. The country needs serious restructuring on a economic level, the countries industry in terms of trade are the worst they've ever been, America is spending more money than it's making in foreign markets, we are constantly borrowing money every year. Education is down and continues to fall behind other nations, leaving a lot of industry jobs empty or transferred to over seas countries that have the people needed to do it, all, this and prices across the country on food, energy, and living keep going up every year. When the hell are we going to wake up, we don't need a nice person as president, we need someone who can actually come up with a plan to solve a lot of our major problems.

  7. Daniel, you are an Internet Funnyman, how could you possibly lead us so astray in your predictions? We trusted you!

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