Why I’m supporting Donald J Trump for the 2016 Presidential Election Poetry Slam, Endorsement Video

I’m supporting Donald J Trump in the 2016 presidential election race for the White House because he is right on all the issues, Trump is right on immigration, right about the refugees, right about the war on terror, and he is right about the economy. I hope my slam poem encourages everyone to get out to the polls and vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States of America. Together we can make America great again.

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Here are the lyrics and dissertation for the dramatic poem;

We got a state of emergency
There is no where to hide, can you feel the sense of urgency we can’t let them get inside the invasion has begun and they’re coming with the refugees we we face the barrel of a gun because of this insanity so charm said some really mean things they weren’t very nice but has another explosion rings out in the Paris night it’s a familiar song he sings and by God he is right it doesn’t matter what weapons a bring they can kill you with a knife
I’m tired of seeing our flag at half staff I want it to fly high, a shining beacon of hope it cast way up in the bright blue sky! All across the fruited plain and from sea to shining sea, Trumps right this is just insane, we can’t vet the refugees
It’s nothing personal we just cannot take any chance if 1 in 10 blows himself up then we’ll have blood on our hands! We must secure our borders and we’ve got to build a wall Trumps the only one with the courage to do it all.

We got a state of emergency
we can’t trust em on Capitol Hill,
they are corrupt and their urgency lies with the hundred dollar bill! The enemies coming over on boats and planes and trains and automobiles and sometimes I just woke across with a gun and then they kill!
All across this great land this land of the free we’re protected by mountains of sand in the oceans and the sea, but if we let them cross our borders to kill you and me then we have failed our sons and daughters for the sake of a refugee!


  1. Make America Great Again………..a record number of people on food stamps……….. a record percentage of babies born to unwed mothers……………. America is in trouble.

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