Why do you want to kill President Obama?

Why are so many Americans willing to openly say that they want to kill President Obama? Is it because he is evil? A terrorist? Maybe it’s because he kills children. Get the most important…


  1. Wouldn’t surprise me if SWAT teams would invade Adam’s home (again) simply
    because of this YouTube title. Free speech is no longer tolerated in the
    States. ☮

  2. A better title would be: Why would’t you want to kill Obama?
    The awser: Sure he is just like the previous president, a asshole in secret.
    but, IF we kill him, would an other tyrant not just take his place?

  3. Its unreal how many people are living in lala land when the truth is right
    in front of them.If you think obama is a good person you are ….
    1) …a mainstream media whore .
    2) … a social whore that just goes along with or adopts what (ur MSM
    whore friends) everyone else is saying.
    3) …too lazy so get informed.
    4) …too selfish to volunteer some of ur time to finding out what are the
    real problems in the world are.
    5).. a DUMBASS 

  4. Its amazing how they can admit they’ve been brainwashed! I didn’t think
    that was possible lol. Give adam a nobel prize.

  5. Yes, obviously Obama is evil and a tyrant, it’s not that being the
    President of the United States is the most complicated, difficult job on
    the planet where you’re caught between two ideologically-charged warring
    political parties that block your every move backed by an ignorant
    fear-based populace, forced to honor promises given to lobbyists and
    donors, where every decision you make is scrutinized and criticized from
    people in the dark, and then on top of it all people call you evil and
    claim that you hate America because they disagree with your policies. Yes,
    clearly there is no nuance or shades of grey when you’re in charge of 300
    million people and have to manage military campaigns around the world.

  6. i think those who put him into office knew what they were doing. if things
    go wrong he’s the convenient fuse. obumba or not obumba the real power is
    not in his hands.
    bibi and aipac rule america. if obama shows a bit of independance towards
    his masters, he’ll die. but before his assassination occurs, shadow
    government must prepare opinion. the rumours about the assasination of
    obama look like a pissed off expression of the vox populi where this same
    vox populi is manipulated by intelligence to think that way. that said, i
    am not a support of obama.

  7. Sierra Leone had a massive civil war from 1991 to 2002. Hundreds of
    thousands were killed, and 2.5 million people were turned into refugees.
    After the war finished, all of the rebels who had been destroying the
    country, killing civilians and hacking the limbs off children, simply went
    back into the community without any repercussions; no one had the power to
    hold them accountable for their actions.

    I can’t help but think that this rings true for Presidents.

  8. America is not looked at as a great nation. They haven’t since Bush’s
    tenure. It used to be a beacon of freedom etc, but that really was from
    the country riding on it’s historical reputation. Now the american
    government is looked at with distrust and seen as criminal against humanity
    and even it’s own populace.

  9. You could write a masters thesis on the subject of cognitive dissonance.
    HA! All those people had a meltdown when they realized that their president
    was a terrorist. 

  10. Adam you are a smart person but you are way over simplifying things and
    making them black and white. You’re ignoring the fact that things are
    nuanced. Also when you compare ISIS to the Obama administration you are
    really reaching for straws. Side Note: the obama administration didn’t
    start gitmo.

  11. What ADAM Kokesh is trying to convey is that if someone burned down his
    house, neighborhood, city, state, and government, and then wiped out and
    murdered all his family, friends and relatives and he knew it was done by a
    group of people a million strong, Adam Kokesh would not fight them, go
    after them or even try to PREVENT it all FROM HAPPENING IN THE FIRST

  12. The source of these problems are the bilderburg group and old money like
    the Rothschild, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, and a few other nobodys like the
    Presidents of these countries who take orders from these people. 

  13. I love your thinking outside the “Box” and addressing these horrible issues
    that our government has done. However, do you really think that the
    governments and the civilians of these countries and groups that we are
    attacking are asking these same questions to their leaders and or people
    who are slaughtering our troops and invading our homelands with attacks
    with the same questions. The USA is the only country that allows us to
    question their actions. Do you really think the people of the other
    nations have the “LIBERTY” to say what they feel?!?! If a citizen of these
    opposing countries were to question their loyalty, do you truly think they
    would live to advertise this on the Internet? As a soldier, you know that
    the mere thought of questioning their government means death! I love you
    and thank you for being a soldier, but as much as I hate Obama, they hate
    “US” more, and they don’t even know me. I am an infidel to them and to
    their beliefs I need to die…and by the way, their government doesn’t
    allow them to question religion. The US is probably the only country that
    tries to play by the rules, and that is only to keep the civilians ok with
    what happens…but war is war. I pray for a day that war no longer exists,
    but until then, we need to be better than them, if not…forget questioning
    the government ever again.

  14. If you worry about typing comments then maybe there really is a terrorist
    in the white house ? A terrorist only does one thing, he/she instills fear
    in all, even you.

  15. I agree with the issues you present Adam, but trying to get people to say
    they want the president to be killed is kinda shitty and there are better
    ways to reach people without putting them and yourself in the sights of the
    secret service.

  16. Obama is just the pawn. You think as a black person in America you could
    actually become president without the help of a bunch of rich white

  17. I dont want to kill anyone but the answer would be, because they are trying
    to kill us…
    (through the plethora of anti-humanity systems)

  18. That was a rather thoughtful group, except the guy that was justifying
    murder because it was an “accident”

  19. A good way to make someone admit their favorite politician’s actions are
    wrong by removing their biases.
    Realistically though, killing a president just gets them replaced by
    another. So you’d have to either go with a full destruction of the state
    (which sounds incredibly chaotic and destabilizing) or remove the state’s
    legitimacy. Revealing the unethical nature of the state and trying to live
    without their “services” is the way to go.

  20. whole bunch of sheeple getting a big ass red pill shoved down their
    throats, like a skull fuck porn session :-)

  21. And, keepin’ it real, finding a chick walking down the street who knows how
    the world works on a geo-political level is like finding a President who is
    not a total puppet. Not happening, and everybody knows that. When’s the
    last time some woman broke down how the world is heading down the toilet?
    They ain’t trying to see all that! They know ignorance is bliss!

  22. They can’t deal with the cognitive dissonance of being Kokeshed. People
    have been conditioned since they were dependent children, to continue to
    trust authority figures within their community despite learning that they
    were betrayed and lied to their whole lives. The pattern continues today.
    You will be violently attacked by a parent if you tell their kid that Santa
    is a big lie.

  23. I would be willing to bet that many of these people would support killing
    Obama if he was a conservative. One thing that has become completely clear
    during the Bush-Obama era that authoritarianism is only bad when their
    ideological enemy does it.

  24. What this video shows isn’t that Obama is “the leader”, but that they are
    responsible for putting him in power. Deeper still, that the problem is
    putting ANYONE in power.

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