Why Did This CEO Ban Tipping In His Restaurant?

“The bill arrives at the end of your meal in a restaurant and you look to see how much you should tip — 5 per cent? Ten per cent? Not at Noodles & Co, an Am…


  1. i paused the video a 0 seonds bc i bet he banned tipping to increase the
    wage the people waiting tables make. am i right?

  2. In France the servers thought they were getting screwed so
    many restaurants made the 15% tip just as a standard charge. It was shown
    on the bill – but even this has been dropped. Tipping stopped. Of course
    the restaurants owners didn’t really pay the servers this 15%. Service
    quality dropped because there was no incentive to do good service. Now its
    sorta of a custom to give a few Euros extra, but many don’t. So I don’t
    think in the end the policy was good for the servers or the customers.

  3. OK, I disagree with everyone at TYT. For a fast food place, that allows
    tipping, throw a couple of bucks into the jar. But those people should have
    a decent salary. The tip jar isn’t going to have much in it.

    Even for a nice restaurant, pay a living wage. But lower the tip if you
    have a bad server. Raise the tip if you have a good server. It’s a good way
    for those people who are doing great work to get rewarded.

    Do you people also complain about birthdays and Christmas? Because it
    takes effort to get presents?

  4. No surprise how TYT is in favor of eliminating the good nature of tipping.
    So what happens if the patron leaves a tip anyway? Are they banned from the
    establishment? Does it go to the owner? Do they give it to the homeless?

  5. So,what exactly is the problem here? He raised their salary to a decent
    degree and then removed the bullshit tipping system.

    As long as their salary really is decent then no problems.

  6. I am in favor of this, it seams to me to be easier for everyone, the
    waiters get better pay and the customers now how much their meal cost right
    away without having to worry about tips. I have Aspergers syndrome and I
    think that whole tipping thing is odd, I mean I go in, I pay what it say on
    the price tag and then I am supposed to pay extra? No I pay tip when I feel
    like it I do not let myself be pressured to do so. It is easier for
    everyone if the waiters just get paid decently and then just drop the tip
    nonsense all together.

  7. Uhhm at the people saying there is no tipping in Australia. Yes there
    is. If you just go mcdonalds, yeah there is no tip, but in lots of
    restaurants you can tip your waiter if you want, and it is relatively

  8. This is a very smart business move. Experienced waiting staff learn that
    giving stuff to customers for free, gets them bigger tips 😉 … good move

  9. Welcome to the rest of the civilized world, where minimum wage is a
    requirement, not a recommendation, and workers aren’t forced to eat shit
    for a “tip” that may or may not ever appear.

    A customer pays for service in their meal charge, they shouldn’t have to
    boost up the salaries of the workers on top of that.

  10. Tipping needs to stop being a thing at all. It doesn’t make sense as a
    concept, I’m paying to eat here and now I have to worry about paying this
    extra, we’re all struggling more then we were and this just makes me not
    wanna eat out unless it’s to go. In LA going out to eat now is stressful
    and an excuse to have you pay over $20 for damn near anything on the menu
    no matter how simple.

  11. Some waiters and waitresses in restaurants make more then a hundred dollars
    a day in tips.How is this a win?

  12. The UK has gratuity already added in most restaurants. When I go out with
    my friends, we just half the tip and split the rest. Our tip is already set
    at around 18% for these “auto-tip on the bill” situations.

  13. To play devil’s advocate, tipping does has its positives. You could say it
    creates stress, or you could say it generates a sense appreciation. Also,
    for those who like to roll dice, the hit-or-miss nature of the practice has
    some pull and when you get lucky it feels all the better since it’s not
    rigidly defined and expected. It’s anti-monotony, basically.

    All in all, though, this idea no doubt outweighs those pros. Some people
    would rather not take stock in the goodness of others these days, and
    that’s a shame on its own but understandable.

  14. What the fuck is the point of having a minimun wage if you’re not going to
    pay it to people? My buddies here that are parttime waitors make around ~10
    Euro’s an hour, which is like 14 dollars, after taxes and then they get to
    get their tips too, which admittedly are nowhere near as much as in the
    states but hey you don’t have to rely on them.

  15. This is very normal in the UK. You are in no way obligated to pay a tip.
    Infact when I get an automatic service charge I never pay it. I find it
    irritating that you presume your service was good. I pay for the meal on my
    card and leave a tip in cash based on service. Tips are always in cash
    because it is more likely to go to person who served me and usually give a
    higher tip if there is no automatic service charge and service is above
    average . If you make me wait, your service is crappy or food bad you aint
    getting a tip

  16. A no tipping policy. That’s every restaurant in the country where I lieve.
    Of course, there you include the tips in the prices for food, but still –
    then you know exactly what you have to pay and you’re no caught with these
    extra charges that’s not written anywhere.

  17. They all strike me as people who have never waited tables. With tips, I
    average 20-25 dollars an hour. He’s paying “above minimum wage?” Sounds
    like a huge pay cut in terms of real income. The system *usually* works —
    sometimes you lose when someone’s cheap — but overall the system does work
    (depending on clientele, of course). Also, expect their prices to be
    raised over the long term — do you think they’re not going to pass on
    these costs to the customer?

  18. no taxes on tips too. I know that is “changing” but it is tax free at most
    places. It is a tough job or at least it sure looks like it because there
    are some real dicks out there that abuse nice servers. I think the best
    judge of character is watching someone as they interact with servers. It
    really works well to smoke out mean people and snobs. 

  19. one of the biggest myths about tipping jobs is that you are not
    guaranteed compensation if the tips are insufficient. The company is
    required by law to compensate you to at least minimum wage if the tips do
    not cover. Doesnt mean that the company will keep you around if you are
    being a bad waiter. Waiters really do make more than other unskilled jobs,

  20. This is discriminatory against Christian psychopaths who will no longer be
    able to spread the “good news” by tipping with religious propaganda
    designed to look like money.

  21. The tipping system’s either great or terrible depending where you work and
    what shifts you work. My sister’s friends boyfriend works at an upscale
    place in NYC and I’m amazed at the amount of money he takes home every
    night. I also dated a girl who bartended at a dive and if she had the early
    shift.. Dude. I saw her come home with less than 20 bucks one night. At a
    fast food kind of joint, I always wonder why they have these no tipping
    policies. My first job was at this strange grocery store/restaurant with a
    restaurant upstairs. I made 8.50, they didn’t allow tips, but I got a lot
    of em (and you know I kept em.). I mean it’s not costing the company
    anything and really, if you’re an adult (not just some teenager who’s
    parents want to teachyou responsibility) >10.50 an hour is not really even
    to live on. If you’re paying your employees a miserable wage at least let
    them take tips. I get that you don’t want them asking for tips, but a lot
    of times people offer them anyway. Wouldn’t it also be good for business.
    Motivation to be nice to the customers in the hopes that they’ll tip you.

  22. Really disappointed to discover TYT is full of cheap stooges. And from
    looking at a lot of these comments, some of y’all are right there with
    them. You go to a nice restaurant because you want quality food you
    probably aren’t skilled enough to prepare at home and cause it’s nice to
    have someone serve it to you while you socialize with friends and family.
    Generally, I don’t think waiters love to be “at your service,” bringing
    your meal just the way your finicky ass ordered it, filling up your iced
    tea for the tenth time, running off to get you a side of this or
    that, cleaning up after you cause you eat like a toddler, etc. But a tip to
    demonstrate your appreciation makes this brief servitude a little more

  23. This makes infinitely more sense than tipping. Here in Australia we just
    pay employees a wage they can live off… 

  24. The idea of tips is fine, and I would actually like to tip some people if I
    feel they do an outstanding job. However, what I have a problem with is
    required or near-required tips for crappy or normal service. I will
    generally try to avoid services that have obligations of tips

  25. We don’t pay tips anywhere in Australia, and I would say that it’s actually
    worse because there’s no incentive for the waiters to provide a good
    service because they know they will get paid the same amount anyway. The
    customer service here in Australia is appalling. 

  26. Have never tipped in my life… then again I live in a country that has a
    minimum wage that is not criminal.

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