Why Did Southwest Force A Disgruntled Passenger To Delete A Tweet?

“Complaining about a flight on Twitter has become common practice for frequent travelers, but for one Minneapolis man a tweet did more than get a response from the airline on social media….


  1. You guys are fucking idiots, you pay for the A list, it’s not because
    you’re special. In fact, sometimes, if the flight isn’t packed, and you are
    the first to book, you will be on the A list. There was no reason his 2
    daughters couldn’t board with him, in my opinion. 

  2. Well I can remove the tweet or your teeth Nazi fuck. He had the cash he
    should have flipped her off ,tweeted a hundred more and took the damn train

  3. Well first, he stated her name. Second I’m sure in the legal print when
    buying the ticket it says you can’t do something like that.

  4. Most if not all american owned airlines sucks! they need to learn a thing
    or two from Singapore Airlines or Emirates. Actually most western airlines
    are pretty bad.

  5. I’m quoting another comment that supports SWA.
    “He was told to remove the post because it contained identifying
    information [Flight attendant’s name]. Everyone seems to miss that point,
    that he basically identified the agent and violated her right to privacy.”

  6. This Kimberly S is an idiot.
    A-list means, that individual poured his money into your company over other
    competing counterparts. “Your company” gave him certain privileges to show
    him they appreciate his choices and would like him to stay. Denying him in
    front of his kids and forcing him off the plane over a tweet? I would be
    shocked if she wasn’t fired ASAP.

  7. Yall have obviously not flown Southwest. A list is just the boarding order.
    A boards first so you get to pick whatever seat you want first. I know, I
    always fly A on southwest. 

  8. Arrest her for clear violation of his First Amendment rights. She broke the
    law. Yeah people crap on the Constitution until they need to justify it for

  9. What if he stayed on the plane? Would they forcefully remove him over a
    Tweet? I would have stayed and sued them for every fucking dollar.

  10. You know, he could just retweet it once he lands, so having him delete that
    tweet is pretty much pointless. 

  11. If some dick was talking shit to me, I would do the same thing to fuck with
    him. I love giving customers what they deserve when they disrespect me.

  12. As a first class frequent flyer myself, I need to remind Duff Watson that
    everyone on the plane arrives at the same time! Don’t be such an A-Hole!
    Further, I don’t think there really is a “A” list section on Southwest, is
    there? lol 

  13. Interesting case. I agree with the fact that being on the A-list should
    mean his children board with him. Don’t think that saying ‘IM GONNA TWEET
    ABOUT THIS’ is very effective or immature. But for the most part, I’m on
    his side on this.

    Deleting the tweet is inconsequential. He could just tweet it again when he
    arrives at his destination and take a different airline the next time he
    needs a trip, and this is definitely not a safety matter. The woman saying
    she felt threatened was BS.

  14. I’m still mad at all the Airlines when they stop serving meals onboard.
    maybe except for International flights. which I have never flown.

  15. What do they think will literally happen the SECOND he gets of his flight?

    He’s going to retweet not only the message he deleted but add on top of
    that the goon behaviour of the airline.

    A-list is something you pay for, it’s literally the first people that
    board, on list A, so why shouldn’t he expect the treatment he paid for? He
    has a ticket, he wants to board first so he makes sure he’s on A-list and
    doesn’t have to wait 2 hours or whatever it is in America. His kids aren’t
    so a good company that doesn’t have a monopoly and actually cares about
    customer service would say sure, they are your kids, younger than 16, let
    em on board.

    When you pay for a sherpa do you expect them to tell you to fuck off and
    find your own way through the mountains when you ask him to also guide your
    kids who will still pay full price but just aren’t A class?

  16. The guy was in the wrong because you don’t dox people like that. TYT has no
    moral compass.

  17. lmao i would have tweeted out fuck SWA they all need to be fired and SWA
    shut down. whats the worst they can do not let me fly oh big fuckin deal
    theres other airlines. and no i wouldnt delete a goddamn tweet that
    reflects my opinion. i dont care if it said the us gov should all be fired
    and have people who know what the fuck there doing run this country. if u
    dont like my opinion move to north korea

  18. There’s part of me that likes what Southwest did just to show their power,
    but on the other hand, the guy paid more for his ticket so why couldn’t he
    get what he was entitled for? Even if his 2 daughters had lower quality
    tickets, hes their guardian and if the flight wasn’t packed there’s no
    reason they couldn’t board. 

  19. Southwest had a HUGE twitter problem with Kevin Smith was forced off his
    flight. So they are super sensitive when ANYBODY threatens to tweet stuff
    about them.

  20. it actually is a safety issue – for his kids. cause if he didn’t wait with
    them they’d be unattended. So the airline wanted him to basically abandon
    his kids there and hope they’d know what to do. I mean, I think he’s being
    a douchy snob, but the airline is still in the wrong.

  21. The current administration won’t be happy until the entire country is run
    like the airport. They LOVE what’s happening there. If they didn’t they
    would stop it.

  22. WTF is this continuous attack on the wealthy? The guy paid a lot of money
    to have reasonable sized seats, and not to have to mix with screaming kids,
    drunk frat boys, and all the other characters that make normal class so
    damned unpleasant. Does that make him a bad person? This airline was within
    their rights to decline his kids, but pretty dumb, but the bully boy
    tactics on the tweet was fucking deplorable. He should have demanded his
    luggage off the plane, and gone by another airline. I hope he’s posted a
    thousand tweets since then.

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