Why CIA Suddenly Wants To Destabilize Donald Trump & WikiLeaks

The CIA does the administration’s bidding. When the administration is good and just, American lives can be saved and American interests can be broadened using the CIA’s skill set. When the administration is bad and unjust or compromised by outside interests, American lives can be ruined and American interests can be attacked, also by using the CIA’s diverse skill set.

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  1. I encourage everybody including you David to check out George Webb here on youtube, he has a great series talking about pizzagate and the deep state. Check it out and spread the word and channel like wildfire, tell your family, friends and co- workers. Great job as always David

  2. You know some creeps were planning a big year with the Great American Full Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. Imagine a wicked CIA Kabbalist in the Ronald Reagan Administration being asked to devise ways to bring about a messiah.

    There are all walks of faith under an oath to the unity, but not all get along or believe the same dogma. There are good people, bad people, and people who use them. History is tantilizing to study all the way past 1300 BC on the steppe where pastoral cultures depended on giving first born children or an alternate lamb or goat to the priests. If caught in a bad drought and didn't have a goat you migrated. It takes some evolutionary psychology to appreciate that method of protectionist rule for sparsely populated tribes of nomads. None of the religous stuff matters. Pizzagate researchers should stay on point with providing evidence to uproot a global ring of sickos.

  3. No it's not at all bizarre he was talking about the Soviet Union and if you listen to the entire speech that becomes clear. Seriously, you are spreading rumor here.

  4. A friend and I covertly watched the Salmon Idaho Satan's club stand around a fire and chant. Bob wasn't lying, they are spooky freaks. Unfortunately these folks run Lemhi county.

  5. I usually say (but in Swedish) when I'm going to watch the news on the TV : " – I want to see the truths they are lying about today" :-D

  6. This is, of course, absolute nonsense. Presidential succession is mandated by the 20th Amendment to the Constitution. There is NO WAY to change it, especially to go BACKWARDS. We have changed presidents during wars, depressions, riots, MURDERS. This is the real law:
    NO-where does "the last president" appear. It will fall to our governmental agencies to REMOVE Obama. Who in the living name of idiotic fuckheadedness do you think is GOING TO BE BACKING OBAMA? It's utter bullshit, always has been utter bullshit. I mean, we DO have real problems and now this idiot is saying that the people who assassinated Kennedy "paid" for it? Like:
    Lyndon Johnson: became President
    Richard Nixon: became President
    George H.W. Bush: became President

    Please, SOMEBODY tell me what these guys "paid for" here in the real world, I'm not talking about god/satan/heaven/hell?

  7. Reminder David Seaman is running on fresh air as he is effectively unemployable while he investigates #PedoGate #PizzaGate, a few quid from us on a regular basis enables him to do this vital work. If we all chip in on his Patreon the price of a coffee each month he can continue. I do not have those skills and am very grateful he has taken this on.

  8. Why no mention of Assange not providing proof of life, is this even Assange? I don't think we can put any trust in Wiki leaks until he provides his digital proof of life, by his own words if he can't provide it we should assume he's been compromised

  9. Do you mean the illuminati? I don't see anything ridiculous about it. It may not be called "The Illuminati" anymore but it was very real at one time. If I remember correctly it was declared illegal or disbanded in 1776 (strange coincidence 1776). then there is the Bohemian Grove and the Bilderberg group. God knows what they call themselves, if anything. whoever discovered them named them named them after the hotel they met in that time. Are they the Illuminati? It dissent mater what they call themselves, it is obvious they exist, the Globalist, a few of the richest in the world that are probably worried about overpopulation, heck I worry about it the difference is "they" can do something about it. I think they are. Overpopulation may not seem like a huge deal right now but It grows raster every year. heck I have met guys with 10 kids, if those 10 each have even 5 kids each. there's probably much more to it than population. Who are these elite sacrificing to in the mock ceremony at Bohemian grove and why? Do they sacrifice real kids in more private ceremonies? Worship to demons, aliens, or what? Is it because it is all real or because they think its real? If something like that is past down through families for years, centuries, maybe there afraid they will loose everything if they stop? We know most of these leaders around the world are related. The Bloodlines. I don't know but it fits together like a puzzle.

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