Where was the rocket launched from in the MH17 crash?

CNN’s Tom Foreman explains the technology that helps identify where the missile was launched that took down MH17.


  1. if you watch CNN’s video of the video shows the moment of crash and watch a
    video of one of those “BUK” missiles firing. see if you can see anything
    missing. Like the giant smoke trail that the missile leaves behind

  2. you just cant trust governments any of them, they lie to the masses to get
    to get some sort of approval just to implement there hostile takeover plan,
    who controls the energy (oil) controls the world and Russia controls most
    of the energy in eurasia and
    western cartels want it ALL for them selfs…

  3. CNN is trying to cover Ukraine’s dirty actions because ultimately the blame
    falls at the feet of Papa Obama.

  4. CNN’s fancy 3D graphics are always government propaganda. Glad to see I am
    not alone knowing this, but it sickens me to see how many sheeple still
    trust MSM..

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