Whats Going On?

My book (ON SUPER SALE from now till Monday) The Douchebag Bible (my book) – http://taaptfo.tictail.com/ Drunken Peasants LIVE: .


  1. You can always take a dump in a plastic bag then make a video called “Buy
    My Shit”. Just don’t forget to make the first thirty seconds a plug for
    some crappy TV show or online service.

  2. Nice to see even Atheist’s are allowed to practice stupidity and can be
    proud of it,smoking a pesticide isn’t any smarter than believing an
    invisible guy created the Universe and with growing evidence it MAY be
    causing Bee populations to decline,which we as humans are dependent on to
    make a vast amount of our food supply,I would submit it’s even dumber,I can
    ignore a religitard’s inane prattle about how they’re on a first name basis
    with the creator of everything,I can’t go with out vegetables.

  3. Dude you should have gotten a Mig Cig Twist with an EVOD Glass! It’s way
    better than that shit cigalike you’re using. 

  4. +The Amazing Atheist I’ve been arguing climate change with this idiot +
    1000frolly for a couple days now. If you go to his channel and check out
    his videos, they’re so stupid that I don’t even know why he tries…

  5. I have the best discussion topic. If someone were to kidnap a pregnant
    woman, drug her and preform an abortion on her, would he be charged with

  6. I’d like to read your book but it’s still too expensive…. Five dollars
    for a digital download, and this is during a sale? Seriously? Come on TJ
    let’s face it, you’re not a number one best seller. I can pick up a copy of
    the deathly hallows for $5 and that’s a hard back. I know that’s not
    exactly the best example but there you go. Your book is too expensive.

  7. It’s kind of funny because based on the title, I expected this to be a sad,
    solemn look at the state of America and the human race.

  8. Good. got away from the crappy ecig and got something lagit. guessing Evod
    is the one you had there….not bad.

  9. Can you do a video on the tumblr, social justice warrior crowd squaring
    off against /b/ in a raid (spoiler alert in case you haven’t heard, the
    SJWs got thier shit rocked)

  10. e-cig? you smoke nicotine? I quit nicotine smoking 15 years ago. Read
    “The Ten O’Clock People” and “Quitters Inc.” by Stephen King. 

  11. TJ I think should respond to Cameron’s (Libertarian Socialist Rants)
    criticism about your videos on Feminism and Capitalism. If I remember
    correctly he said your opinion about the false dichotomy(his words) between
    equality in a capitalist society vs. the feminist hierarchy in said society
    was the biggest fault in your logic about these particular issues.

    He made a video of the clips about your opinions on these issues. I’m
    actually surprised you haven’t responded yet.

    Basically a political debate mixed with social injustice and contrasting
    those views

    would be a good subject to cover on Drunken Peasants


  12. okay, you got me. I ordered the digital download. I mean 3,72€ for a book.
    It’s the second cheapest book I ever got. The cheapest was the Book of
    Mormon which I got for free for no particular reason.

  13. It’s been awhile you’ve talked about Sarah Palin and her dumb ass. She
    recently made comments demanding that the president be impeached. Maybe
    she’s on to something? But its also no doubt tactless coming from her. 

  14. I want a rambling video in which you moan about how much society sucks and
    make random but slightly deep comments about human nature a la your videos
    back in the day.

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