What do Americans really think about US on Independence Day – BBC News

Independence Day holiday is a time for grilling, fireworks, and parades. But how much is about patriotism? The BBC’s David Botti takes a look at patriotic landscape. Subscribe .


  1. What a vacuous piece of mindless,bubble-gum reporting that was. I felt my
    IQ drop to single figures whilst watching it. Doesn’t it occur to this
    numbskull that one reason (for fewer Americans thinking the US is best)
    might just be because the real standard of living has been in steady
    decline for the majority of Americans for decades now; thousands of
    manufacturing jobs have been exported to China and the far east, house
    repossessions and homelessness are at record levels, and around 50 million
    Americans are on food stamps. Maybe someone should take this idiot on a
    scenic tour of Detroit to show him first-hand the urban decay, awful
    poverty and collapsing infrastructure that have all been as a direct result
    of unbridled neo-liberal capitalism. Then perhaps the clueless twerp would
    have some inkling as to what’s actually going on around him. As a UK TV
    licence-payer I felt ashamed and embarrassed to be in any way associated
    with that piece of mind-numbing dross.

  2. maybe the usa is so hated ,even by its own population is ,the illegal wars
    ,the illegal surviellance ,the corrupt corporate fascist dictatorship
    headed by a kenyan liar in chief

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