West Wing Week 05/16/14 or, “Go Solar!”

This week, the President praised the power of solar, honored this year’s TOP COPS, awarded the Medal of Honor and traveled to New York for the opening of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.


  1. Hey, Obama going “solar” should be a mandate that goes with rebuilding our

  2. Which green energy company that we supported with our stimulus dollars did
    these come from? Hopefully not one of the 33 that are on the ropes, filed
    bankruptcy or currently has gone bankrupt. OR Did we buy them from
    successful solar companies: in China?

  3. Solar must be the way to go, because the rethuglicans are against solar
    energy. Some say that Obama should mandate solar energy like Germany has
    done, and that is equip all, and every US government building in the US
    with solar panels, as a example to all businesses across the country! Not
    sure if Germany completed the venture, but I do know that they use alot of
    clean energy in Germany now. I heard that it has saved lots of money, and
    helped clean up the environment!!!!

  4. UPS, FEDEX and THe Post Office have huge solar terminals and energy saving
    initiatives too. He should have gone there and not to WalMart that costs
    American tax payers billions every year because they refuse to pay their
    employees a living wage.

  5. You know u need to fix the constance power of solar cause of weather and
    the sun is not constance so you need to invent some thing that makes the AC
    smooth 😀 Thanks George R.

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