‘Well It’s America’: Secy. Perry Corrected After Calling Puerto Rico A ‘Country’ | NBC News

Energy Secretary Rick Perry is promptly corrected by Rep. Kathy Castor (D-Fla.) after referring to Puerto Rico as a country while answering questions about restoring power to U.S. island territories after Hurricanes Maria and Irma.
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‘Well It’s America’: Secy. Perry Corrected After Calling Puerto Rico A ‘Country’ | NBC News


  1. He called it a country because this is the attitude the Trump admin has set up in terms of Puerto Rico. They more they frame them as the "other".. "they're not us". The more they can continue to ignore it.

  2. Remember when Rick Perry forgot he wanted to dismantle the Energy Dept? It seems he's remembered. He's certainly succeeded in making it ineffective through complete lack of leadership. Trump must be afraid of smart people, because he's surrounded himnself with morons. Perry, DeVos, and Carson are morons. Zinke, Pruitt, Mnuchin and the recently departed Price are all corrupt con-men who figure taxpayer money is best spent flying them around the world in comfort on private jets.

  3. You know, I am not there in Porto Rico so I don't know first person. But I do know that in New Orleans instead of jumping in and helping. A large number of citizens just sat around complaining that they weren't being fed. And that their shelters leaked. And then, around that time, I think he had been hit and. They were complaining and asking for help, but when some church groups that I knew went there, they pointed out that the people just sat they didn't do anything. So ma'am, you want more reporting from your little? Committees. You may not like what you hear. You probably didn't like what you read just now. I am sick and tired of you dissing president Trump. If you all would just shut up. And get behind president Trump and all get together and help turn this country around things would be going a lot better. But you progressive elite leftists. Want to see globalism. And what you have turned a blind eye to. Is that the large or shall I say largest part of our voting age population want nationalism

  4. Let me put this in words you can understand Mr Secretary. The roads and oil and gas infrastructure are damaged, costing the Oil companies millions of dollars a day. What are they paying you for?

  5. Puerto Rico is an invaded and occupied country and a nation and invaded nations even if centuries pass at  the end there is only one natural destiny and it is freedom.

  6. Isn’t this part of the problem were leaders and (some) people don’t realise that Puerto Ricans are Americans 🤦‍♂️

  7. WAO, that much ignorance there is with the subject of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a country. Simply given by Spain to USA. And the USA does not respect our Flag, Currency And imposes the status. This point was proved by Mr. Carlos Gallisa who went to the Dominican Republic and renounced the citizenship of the USA and did not prevent him from entering Puerto Rico. Tondos The Puerto Rican citizenship exists. but in Whashington they do not respect it.

  8. Yeah he's a moron but this seemed like an honest slip up considering he called it a territory before slipping up and calling it a country.

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