We Made Jega Shift Election Because It Was Clear Buhari Would Win on February 14th – Fasheun

Leader of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), Dr. Fredrick Fasheun has exposed himself as one of those behind the plot to shift the 2015 presidential poll date from February 14 to March 28th, claiming…


  1. This is really very sad and shameful to you sir, shifting the election will
    not stop PDP from loosing this election, because it didn’t perform well a
    lot of lives were lost so many displaced,God will not allow u people
    because if PDP rule Nigeria in the next 4 years i don’t know what my
    country will turn to.

  2. May God punish this foolish old man, his cohorts and his generation yet
    unborn. It is vividly clear that all these old fools are not fighting for
    anyone but their pockets for the money they will not live to spend in good
    health. Isedale Oodua o ni je ki o data fun Un you. Eyin agba Ladan wonyi.
    It is a big shame to all of you. Battery’s. 

  3. It’s a tragedy that such a fellow even gets invited to meetings and handed
    a microphone. Such a man as this should be gagged and remitted to a home
    where his obvious moral bankruptcy can be attended to. 

  4. Anyways, what do we expect from a leader of some group of miscreants called
    whatever PC!! Awon alatenuje! When them no get children who can take care
    of them at old age them get no choice than to pursue Jonathan’s dollar!!
    God have mercy on us all 

  5. This is a big lie. GEJ’S ambition has caused the death of many Nigerians.
    He is going to lose the election. Jonathan is a pathological liar. He said
    he was not consulted before the election was postponed. He should have
    simply said we postponed because inec was not ready.

  6. Shifting or no shifting,Jonathan will still loose the election!Awon agbaya
    radara ti agba won ko ni dale!!!

  7. I am highly disappointed in you sir, Leader of OPC and elderly man try to
    encourage us, as youth to continue with corruption in Nigeria. Baba. you
    are not reliable 

  8. This is really sad and shameful….for him to brag about something like
    this,does it mean now he is confident Jonathan will win on the 28th??what
    are these people doing to our nation for christ’s sake:(

  9. This speech broke my heart. if an elderly man can be talking like this on
    behalf of Nigeria talkless of yoruba nation, Nigeria is doomed. Soooooooo

  10. Its so unfortunate Dr Fasheun was involved in the whole postponement thing
    and he spilled it out in public. I thought the GEJ said it was because of
    security reports from the service chiefs. Anyway, postpone the elections
    till whenever GMB will emerge the winner.

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