Watch Live: The Queen Names Navy’s New Aircraft Carrier

The Queen is naming the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier – HMS Queen Elizabeth. Watch the ceremony live from Rosyth Dockyard in Fife, Scotland. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great…


  1. Would they have broken a guid bottle of Whisky over this usless piece of
    metal if it were not for the referendum I think not! These unionists are
    running scared and they don’t care how low the sink with their childish
    tricks…Pathetic but funny :D

  2. This even proves that Britain can survive and prosper outside the EU. We
    don’t need a European Parliament to tell us how to maintain our house.

    Chinook: American.
    The Stealth Fighter (F35): American.
    Apache: American.

  4. The bottle of Scotch is the tradition up there. Let’s hope it’s the last RN
    ship built there with that attitude.

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