WalMart “Plumbing” Code Word “Tunnels Underground”

WalMart closes 5 stores all for the same reason “Plumbing” also also …


  1. I’d like to report something suspicious! Someone has taken our Country, and
    given it over to the Enemy! Our Government has been Hi-Jacked! We are going
    down, We are going down! Send Jesus Soon! S.J.S. Repeat: S.J.S GOD BLESS

  2. America is finished! After 911, being a a Shemitah year, America needed to
    repent and turn back to God, but they did not do so. Then in 2008, another
    Shemitah, Americans had a chance with the elections. In spite of many red
    flags, America voted in Obama, and again with many more red flags, voted
    him in again in 2012!!, GOD has removed His hand, living in the last days!!
    Everyone now on an individual basis needs to come to Jesus Christ!! No more
    America, and people STILL do not see. Pray like never before!!

  3. Just a thought – I lived in New Orleans when Katrina hit, and much of the
    relief (when it finally came) was done through Walmart. The US Government
    needed their logistic capabilities to coordinate distribution of food and

  4. Hey Paul.., From what I have heard yesterday, all our Walmart’s in Canada
    are closing in June….I live in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada, we have a
    population of about 112 thousand people and we have 3 Walmart’s
    here…..Just thought you would like to know Pasture Paul…….God bless

  5. Do you think they care 2,000 have no income? Note Jade Helm. Jade is
    Chinese as in China. Memory reminds me of Tinnamin Square the Chinese
    people could not defend themselves.. After that incident a Chinese woman
    warned the American people Do Not Surrender your guns. Its your guns and
    not our leader that is keeping China out of the USA. Bundy almost lot his
    land to China via Reid. Taxed to the max for more tunnels. My my do you
    think this is the “year”? Look up!!

  6. Yep , I knew this story would get deeper,……. and deeper unground should
    be no surprise with this insane Administration.


  8. HMMMmmmm Who else used Plumbers to fix leaks?? OH Yeah!! Nixon Adm. had
    plumbers fixing leaks, wonder if walmart using the same plumbers!!

  9. So, when there is a national emergency, Wal-Mart will continue to get
    supplies? Trucks will go only to Wal-Mart? Martial law for everyone but
    Wal-Mart trucks.

  10. When cern brings Mr.Walton back, we shall see what he has to say about what
    his daughter has done about his legacy! See ya, wouldn’t want be ya. Keep
    on rolling back those prices on all the Chinese made products!

  11. my first thoughts when i saw the equal distance apart of them closed stores
    was that , they looked like a distribution system for food delivery being
    set up..
    walmart has the logistics in place, would be an easy transition.
    tunnels connecting them would make the job faster and safer
    if there were riots and chaos above ground..

  12. Homeland Insecurity? You mean The Fatherland? As in communism? Gives new
    meaning to, “Workers of the world unite.”

  13. .Will they be bringing WATER through the tunnels, California is in a
    serious drought? Or? will they be transporting lizards to the frenzy
    accommodations for the all you can eat buffet for the upcoming GREAT

  14. Tired of all the crap going on in the world… God never said sit down and
    take it.. We have a right to stand up and defend ourselves… So with that
    said watch out people who want to cause us harm in any way for everyone of
    us you hurt or kill… We will kill ten of you… Period… 

  15. Paul these same walmarts’ were the ones that had strikes for higher wages.
    This maybe big business is sending a mafia style message to the working
    poor. The ones who do not get enough hours for healthcare.

  16. Have you noticed too how walmart’s logo is so easily recognizable. And at
    the check out it says “think six” where they sack your groceries. (For the
    six lines that make up the logo)

  17. One of JFK’s E.O.’s gives the president the rights over our food, water and
    transportation in a national emergency Don’t let political party lines keep
    you from good conversation. Read the E.O.’s since JFK and you will see the
    each and every president has made the next president more powerful. It is
    still going on.

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