VP Pence full National Prayer Breakfast speech

Vice President Mike Pence gives the keynote address at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast.


  1. Mike Pence is a homophobe, a moron and an all around jerk. He will sell out human rights in favor of fanatics and gun lobbyists. Shame on you, Pence!

  2. Separation of church and state: yeah fucking right. Fuck Pence and Trump, his whole administration, and especially his fucking DUMB supporters.

  3. As a european catholic, I am very happy to see strong christian leadership again in the USA! Without the might and the will of the United States, no one is going to stand up to the persecuted christians around the world. Mike Pence is a good man, I will pray for him, his family and the President.

  4. The "fake news" Trumpsters are slow today, because of course their tiny little minds will be confused how to call this one fake.

  5. Satan in human clothing! The wannabe leader of the American Taliban, do what he says or he'll chuckle and have you flogged, real folksy like!

  6. The newly formed TRUMP’S Republicans are the new True SODOMITES.
    "Now this was their sin of Sodom: They were arrogant , overfed , unconcerned, and they didn't help the poor and the needy, they were haughty and detestable" ,
    The Evildoers
    They're all about saying they love Jesus, but ignoring His teachings.

  7. Proud to be Catholic! Thank you Vice President Pence for the prayers and addressing the terrorist attacks in London. Future President Pence 🙂

  8. Better than that old Muslim Barry. At least pence is a Christian and not a fake 3 dollar bill like Barry boy.

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