Vladimir Putin Plays In “Real” Hockey Game

“Wearing a red jersey bearing the number 11, the Russian president led a team of hockey stars — including several former NHL players — to a 21-4 victory, with Putin himself getting 6 goals….


  1. This has got to be the most pathetic piece of propaganda I have ever seen!

    Were those defenders afraid of being put to death for blocking his goals?

    There are times when I like Putin but then I see this pathetic shit. This
    is some DPRK level bullshit right here!

  2. Can we see a game between Putin and Kim Jong Ill? Something middle level so
    they don’t have an advantage. I vote for football.

  3. yeah so i guess obama playing basketball doesn’t count now right.

  4. Cenk, you complete moron it’s only supposed to be an exhibition match.
    Putin is an excellent Judo and Sambo player, a pretty good shooter and keen
    angler but just average in most other sports and doesn’t pretend otherwise.
    He rides a tricycle instead of a motorcycle which is hardly impressive, but
    he’s still a patched member of the Night Wolves motorcycle gang. 

  5. Potvin sucks!! Oh, wait, it’s Putin.

    And oh wait, it’s TYT with hockey-hating liberals who have no idea what
    Potvin sucks means…whoopsie. Wrong joke on two accounts. 

  6. I want a show where people from Cenk’s past come on to be interviewed. High
    School football team players, couch, teachers, Lawyers he worked with, Miss
    Jamaica, couple a Cubans who jumped him, cops who saved him. I’d really
    like that.

  7. Not sure what was worse, letting Putin win a game of hockey or the fact
    that TYT slowed down the video to make it look more staged than it really

  8. It would of been way more funnier if it was like the movie The Dictator.
    Where the leader just pulls out a gun in the race and just shoots everyone
    in the race.

  9. Didn’t Obama played in some kind of basketball match with NBA stars? Did
    anyone play defence on him? So what’s the difference?

  10. If Putin wants to prove his skills, then I put forward a challenge. Team
    Russia with Captain Putin against Team Canada with Captain Harper (of
    course, if Harper’s too much of a wimp, I’m sure Trudeau will take his
    place.) Let’s see who scores, and who slips on the ice and bruises their
    coccyx. All proceeds go to charity.

  11. Any guy who keeps playing around in front of the cameras claiming his all
    man or macho. has some serious issues with his masculinity or might be
    hiding the fact that his secretly gay.

  12. Why does the president of Russia, a country where most people only take 1
    shower a week because they don’t have good running water, have so much time
    to do all this shit?

  13. I can see why no one wanted to go near him. No one wants to be the guy the
    knocks him into the wall or pushes him down.

  14. The thing is that he played there with other politicians and some older
    retired players. Can Jenk play hockey or he will fall down with his fat ass
    on the ass after 2 seconds of standing on the ice

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