Video Messages Help Reassure Dementia Patients

Family members are prerecording messages as part of a unique pilot program at the Hebrew Home in New York. The videos are trying to help victims of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia …


  1. This is a neat idea. My only remaining grandparent, my Grandma, has
    Alzheimer’s. She’s not in a nursing home though. She lives in her own home
    that my parents paid for with a couple of caretakers my parents have paid
    salaries to for them to live & take care of her round the clock each day in
    Thailand. Most of my relatives live in Thailand, so many of my relatives
    visit my Grandma daily or weekly. So, my Grandma doesn’t need video
    messages when it comes to most of my relatives. My Mom, Dad, sister, & I
    are among the very few relatives who remain & live in the U.S. Maybe my Mom
    should record some video messages for my Grandma, but I don’t know if it
    will help. My Grandma has had Alzheimer’s for some years now. My Mom
    visited her earlier this year, and my Mom said my Grandma didn’t remember
    her. Anyways, it doesn’t hurt trying – recording videos. I think recording
    videos is good for those individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s who are
    residing in nursing homes or facilities where no family members are
    residing. Anyways, this is a nice video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That lady saying – what works for some doesn’t work for everyone…..-
    wants more funding for employee snacks.

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