Venture Capital: Off The Menu (E52)

This week Russia bites back as the country bans US and EU agricultural products, airlines lose billions amid rumors of a possible ban on trans-Siberian flights, and Russia teams up with Iran…


  1. These sanctions will *HURT* the Russian people. Russia can’t live
    sustainably without agricultural imports from the EU and other Western
    countries. Then again, I doubt Putin cares. He doesn’t mind seeing his own
    people starve to death as long as he gets his point across. Absolutely
    disgusting, if you ask me. Life expectancy and overall living standards in
    Russia are bad enough as it is. Shame, too, because it’s a country that has
    so many *brilliant* people that don’t deserve such a tyrant like Putin. :(

  2. Teams up with iran? Seriously?
    iran can’t afford a whole lot. Iran contributes nothing to the world at all
    except a fraction of oil, and only purchases from russia anyway, too poor
    to even maintain its airliner fleet as seen in an RT video hours ago.
    I’ll give iran 5 more years until it’s another poverty nation and RT is
    blaming the UN for not helping. Absolute stupidity.

  3. RT told her to wear a miniskirt for this extra important propaganda segment
    which try and discourage nations from sanctioning russia. Russia will fall
    harder than it ever has if it is further sanctioned. Vast infertile lands
    make for a huge humanitarian disaster if russia continues its interests in
    east ukraine.
    This is why russia today is trying so hard to discourage sanctions with
    anti-sanction propaganda news.

  4. I’m begging you RT, next time you interview someone with such piss poor
    English, let him speak his native language and give us subtitles. this was
    so painful to listen to i had to take a break….

  5. They`re both being stupid (no offense).
    While the politicians play a game of ‘dickhead’ the people who are trying
    to make an honest living get hit by these rediculous sanctions.
    If they want to hurt each other, let `em find a remote island and have a go
    at each other, while leaving the rest of us out of it :p

    EDIT: Its kinda obvious that Obama is on China`s / Russia`s payroll :p

  6. 39 likes 17 dislikes. Watch in wonder, this mysterious phenomena, as the
    likes grow exponentially and the dislikes that mysteriously appear at the
    start of every RT video stagnate…… 

  7. The only good thing for those people who live in the EU is that food prices
    will be going down like Glenn Kingston’s mother on a Friday night. You
    would have to be very careful of what you buy. Russia may have got rid of
    Poland’s vile products; but that means they will be on sale in other EU
    countries at lower prices to tempt the foolish. Their fruit and vegetables
    are classed by Russia as unfit for human consumption, and their meat
    products contain traces of horsemeat and donkey meat.

    In my opinion, Russia would be wise to renew its ban next year. This they
    will probably do after they have received clean, wholesome food from
    Belarus, Brazil, Turkey, New Zealand, Kyrgyzstan, etc.. Russians will never
    want to eat that EU filth again.

  8. All the americunts are butt hurt, someone please hand them out tampons and
    some Feminax.

  9. Oddly I think this may benefit the US. Right now I live in California one
    of the biggest producers of fruits and veggies and often I’m buying produce
    from around the world instead of my own back yard. If Americans buy their
    own products instead of importing it may equal out.

  10. Another reason why the EU is a hindrance to free trade. It isn’t a trading
    block it is a protection racket. Come on in Ukraine we need new countries
    to suck dry… err… I mean ‘liberate’.

  11. Sokolov is somewhat naïve in assuming that domestic agricultural production
    could directly satisfy the increased domestic needs as a result of food
    import restrictions. Food isn’t available by command or prayer. But okay,
    these people you’d find everywhere on the planet and fortunately, they are
    not in charge. And that’s why we export beef to Russia now for the benefit
    of both partners.

  12. 6.7 billion dollars? She thinks that’s a lot? The US and EU does trillions
    of dollars of business yearly on imports/exports. This money is a drop in
    the bucket and will not affect us in the least. RT is such bullshit it is
    laughable. Fuck Russia, let those dirty slavic peasants live off of
    potatoes and bread. 

  13. americans. dont talk about Russia and tyranny. Look at your own country
    dumb dumbs. Your leaders arent even Americans.. hahaha.. How stupid are

  14. cut off gas supply and wait for winter in europe , let them make the food
    over fire and see how the sanctions are working for the people in england
    and europe, do it now putin and fuck the US and EU !!!! .

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