Venture Capital: Gasping for Gas (E53)

This week Katie Pilbeam investigates why Europe will be heavily reliant on Russian gas for years to come. Also, German business confidence takes a hit, British wages are in decline, Katie visits…


  1. Russia is a second world country with relatively low income compared to
    western Europe so what in the hell are they doing buying luxury imports
    from Germany? Lada is going bankrupt with car sales collapsing. Lada was
    recently taken over by Reanualt/Nissan. Just goes to show how weak Russia
    has become as a country. One thing for sure, Russian women are gorgeous @
    12:16, well most of them.

  2. Damn Katie! *naughty whistle* Whatever happened with Lauren Lyster? Ever
    since she went to Yahoo! she became non existent. Probably highly regrets
    swapping jobs having RT doing so incredibly well 

  3. Uki nazis are dumb as a nail, again, the EU can be delivered with gas on
    other gas pipelines that go around ukraine, so they can go and fuck

  4. So people from Ukraine are going to suffer this winter all because of the
    United states of Terrorists.

  5. Pointers for Katie: The dress suit is a bit much, over compensating
    pointing shoulder pads to make up for her short stature is a bit
    distracting. This might work well with educated Brits but that LOUD British
    accent is almost unbearable for the rest of the English speaking world. Her
    physical appearance is up to par. Dress her down a little, she is short but
    the TV can’t see that, even if she had on flats, heels help with her
    posture, which is why she is so loud. Have her more softer spoken, that
    will help combat that harsh accent and you’ve got a winner across the

  6. Damned, Russia could have been such a good business partner. EU politicans
    don’t mind the European people freezing this winter, they just mind about
    their own purse.

  7. Technically shouldn’t Russia already be the largest auto market seen as
    they have more than 65 million more people than the next largest country in
    Europe. Just goes to show how much wealthier Europe is than Russia I

  8. Obama scared. Is another faggot who scared the death. Like the majority of
    Mwlon Lave my ass, faggots. ehehehehehehehehe

  9. Lol when that guy shes interviewing says at the end “maybe we can get some
    drinks to celebrate” you can tell he wants her but she was wierded out

  10. The Americans should release a few of the German patents they have
    purchased. Then we should soon no longer need gasoline!

  11. Most of the Industrial Country wages are not up to date or up to their
    The Government of these countries are in bed with the Big Corporations.
    They make laws on favors of these Giant Corporations. 

  12. Portugal Italy and a few others are on the verge of collapsing and the UK
    and US governments are lying about figures and pumping up the economy with
    printed money. there is no growth is all on debt and lies. People need to
    stop listening to the government there lying about the figures.

  13. RT bullshit propaganda in a bid to elevate fears of Russians that the
    sanctions are not having an impact which is false. Russia’s shitty economy
    has been hit hard with more new sanctions to come for the dictatorial
    Stalinist fascist regime if it continues to destabilize E.Ukraine with its
    forces and proxies there. I hope Ukraine joins NATO and EU so they can
    tackle the cancer that is Russia and Putin does not fuck with NATO. Next is
    hopefully sanctions which will be tightened and hopefully send that
    tyrant’s state into bankruptcy the Russian fascist scum have 1 week or else
    you Russians will be fucked. 

  14. Russian Women are SuperHotties Worth Defending as Opposed too Western
    Stevie Nicks “You Can go you Own Way” and I Did

  15. Why zoom in on the wheel of stocks? Seems there could be some cheating.
    Keep camera on the wheel instead of zooming in right before it stops. You
    guys started doing this thec same time the profit went up.

  16. This show is as bad as the CNN, so impartial, russia ass licking, eu
    bashing crap. Gotta love the blondie in a nightie though, would tap that!

  17. Russia Today lying again……the US stocks just broke new historical highs
    (suck our dicks you jealous faggots)
    Russia sucks, they are poor and they invent shit

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