US Goalie May Have Set New World Cup Record!

“If this was the last World Cup game of Tim Howard’s career, the greatest soccer player in United States history went out with the greatest game of his life — and perhaps the best goalkeeping…


  1. The US and Brazilian Goalkeepers are the best in the world cup. I hope to
    see him in any European league!

  2. Fucking americans call it soccer!Its funny how they still think they are
    no.1 yet they are one of the worst ranked teams in fifa and didnt even make
    the quartet finals, yep, American logic aye :)

  3. USA should feel proud, they just got the hardest game. Belgium is one of
    the best teams in this tournament. A game against brazil or argentina would
    have been actually easier. 

  4. Why isn’t TYT covering the crisis of illegal Hispanic kids flooding into
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  5. If he got a record amount of saves in the game, and they still lost. That
    just means America was so inept at defense that they lost, and he was just
    able to cover their asses enough. If you think about it, if he didn’t get
    that record, it would have been a complete slaughter.

  6. Any team that made it to the round of 16 is good. Stop bitching about how u
    think they suck cuz ur teams went home in the group stages or earlier dumb
    fucks. The fact that the us made it to eliminations means they know a thing
    or two about soccer/football/futbol/Gaelic I don’t give a fuck 

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  8. Hard to believe they weren’t keeping saves record before 2002.

    Good game though; I’m not well versed in soccer but it was exciting to

  9. Howard was bailing out the shit defense the entire game. It was only a
    matter of time before Belgium was going to score in that game.

  10. Americans are such poor losers.

    When they win, they’re all about we’re #1!!!!
    When they lose, they complain like little bitches and start renaming things
    to hide their shame. Freedom Fries, etc etc…


    Europeans cheer on vor whoever beats them. Americans? No Honor.

  11. c’mon now most americans don’t even respect the sport…i’m glad Belgium
    won everyone was talking shit about Belgium saying it was going to be an
    easy win for the U.S. 

  12. Isn’t this a bad thing though? It means that you were being dominated so
    thoroughly that the only person who could stop the other team was the guy
    who could use his hands. Americans can always turn a loss into a win. Guess
    it’s that endless naivety.

  13. People complain when yanks don’t care for football, and now people are
    complaining when they do. It was a good game, the US team did quite well
    this World Cup, stop being so damn uptight about it and let them celebrate
    their team’s effort, shit.

  14. Oh, the typical anti soccer shit flinging as usual from both the media and
    the commentators. For one, major league soccer is already gigantic in some
    cities like Seattle already (averaging at 45,000 spectators a game there)
    and the sport has a ton of room to grow. Most Americans can start catching
    European League, Premier League and CONCACAF on TV more regularly now. The
    sport already is gigantic as far as youth leagues go as well. The
    terminology ‘soccer mom’ is not a myth, as so many parents raise kids who
    play some form of amateur soccer.

    There really is no need to distinguish which sport is foreign or which is
    local. Soccer is already in America. There’s really no use griping over the

  15. Tim Howard reminds me so much of the actor Common who for example has a
    large roll in Hell on Wheels!

  16. Tim Howard was awesome. I was cheering for USA in the cup, because I really
    would like football to grow in the States as well :)

  17. Tim Howard reminds me a bit like Obama. Looks real smooth deflecting all
    the shots coming at him, yet in the end, he and his team, were (and are)

  18. How can anyone think this is a good thing? That actually means that the
    team was so shit they let in the record amount of shots on target!
    Officially the worst defensive performance in a world cup game! It’s the
    kind of thing you sweep under the carpet, not bang your drums about it :)

  19. Tim Howard is the man, even got a call from Barack Obama himself after the
    But I have a feeling Ana would like Guillermo Ochoa (MEXICO) more.
    Check out the epic game he had against BRAZIL, and don’t forget the memes.

  20. “We had the #1 worst defence in the world! Which allowed us to get the #1
    goalkeeping record!”

    Always look on the bright of life! Badum, Badum, Badumbadumbadum!

  21. I think the funniest part of all is I’m pretty sure blocks aren’t listed in
    most match statistics. What IS listed is the number of goal shots meaning
    it’s more Belgium’s new record than America’s

  22. Looking at the comments, I honestly don’t get how people can be this
    competitive. Showing sportsmanship is a much more likable trait than being
    competitive to the point of desperation.

  23. The USMNT doesn’t have a terrible defense (they were actually pretty solid
    in every game), they have an atrocious midfield. The midfield needs to keep
    possession in order to transition the team from defense to offense. US
    played some of the worst possession football of the tournament (coming into
    the game 31st of 32). That’s why you see them play defense the whole game.
    Even a good defense will break under enough pressure. It happened to both
    the Swiss and the US on Tuesday.

  24. …….uhm wouldn’t that mean your defence sucked? Like really it should he
    the shots on target to save ratio rather than just the amount of saves

  25. Sad, people have slipped so low that you have to win.
    There is no shame when one elite is defeated by another elite.

    Mohammed Ali and George Foreman?
    Two heroes clashing in a moment of history.

    Everyone who went and performed honorably is a hero to somebody.

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