Universal Healthcare Means ‘Throwing People In Jail’

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Sunday there is only one way to have universal healthcare in the country.

“The only way to get truly universal care is to throw people in jail if they don’t have it,” he said on CBS’s “Face The Nation.” “And we are not going to do that.”

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  1. To be fair, the $0.94 per dollar going to care for medicare is misleading. Its actually $0.98 for traditional medicare, with half-private medicare part D dragging it down.

  2. this is part of moving the overton window. The GOP is smart they dont want to ever make rich people pay more taxes so poor people can be given free access to healthcare so they pretend to living in a world where such a thought is impossible.

    Of course they have thought of it, but it would weaken their position to even discuss it, because they have no real argument against it so its easiest to just pretend the idea doesnt exist.

  3. Singel payer in Sweden earn 16 dollar hour pay less than 2400 dollars/year (tax+insurrange).
    I show up and pay 17 dollars at a hospital and within 24 hours i can see as many doctors/specialists and take as many test that is needed.

  4. Either he doesn't know…or he knows and he's trying to be Kellyanne Conway and manipulating the facts so that fewer people know about universal healthcare. I feel like it's probably a trick to limit the information the public has, kinda like what Hillary's camp tried to do with their dicking over Bernie Sanders.

    Though Mick Mulvaney is clearly an idiot, so the alternative would not surprise me.

  5. This man clearly doesn't understand what Universal Medicare is. You're not buying into anything. You pay for it with taxes and no one is being thrown in jail for not having health insurance.

  6. Man, these Republican motherfuckers seem to all be manipulative psychopaths. They know exactly what they're doing, which is caving to their donors. It really is just about continuing the concentration of wealth and power. I doubt they have any actual principled political philosophy.

  7. I don't know what is worse. If he truly doesn't know about single payer systems like they have in every other country except the USA – or he DOES know and he's playing stupid on purpose to deceive the audience and push his republican talking points and republican agenda.

  8. Uhhhhhhhhh…. the stupidity level, Kyle. Do you not realize we have something called private hospital rooms, better doctors, more potent and effective drugs, and access to private, personal doctors. Not to mention the wait time for universal healthcare is 18 WEEKS over in the UK and Canada. Do you wonder why the Ds lost over 80+ seats to the Rs after just a not even close version of universal healthcare. Also the debt Europe is in per dollar they make is greater than that of the US. I do vastly agree we need to pay less on war and even defense. It is ridiculous we are so paranoid about being attacked. We have too strong of nuke defense systems, we are in countries that can afford their own military, and yet through NATO, we are defending countries with universal healthcare. Also in a country with universal healthcare and universal college like Slovenia or whatever it is called, the tax rate is 49.8%. I could go on and on and on, but I will mak a long story short, on all cylinders universal healthcare is bad. Even if you subtracted annual cost of medical bankruptcies from the annual cost of universal healthcare, it would still be way more expensive than the US military. Heck, OBAMACARE is projected to have us $30 billion in the hold by 2024!!!! I will be honest, the R plan is TERRIBLE!!! I agree we need very unregulated govt. healthcare, I am very conservative on healthcare but the only thing I agree in that plan is getting rid of mandate. While I agree the expansion needs to be reversed, we need to streamline the system through many ways and need to make it to where those of the working class ($25,000 to $45,000) pay a small fee from $30-$50. Both of those combined would provide better care, have hospitals accept it, AND ensure we don't get into that much debt. I could go on and on about what plans I would enact to help and maintain our market healthcare through non government means but perhaps another time. P.S. I find it funny how you think universal healthcare is just healthcare for all and don't even think about how different our care and debt is from Europe's. @Secular Talk

  9. That's right, you heard it here. If some people don't want to follow laws, that automatically means the laws are against the common good and should be abolished. 0:45

  10. I'm starting to think Americans have been spoilt during the post-war years. Back when the economy was roaring and you had the best standard of living in the world, nobody cared about all these "socialist" policies that were beginning to take hold in war-ravaged Europe. In Europe, the destruction from WWII meant everyone had to pitch in, everyone had to stand together to get through. America by contrast was rich and flushed with success after the bloodiest war of all time, so no need for such kumbaya bullshit. You could just throw money at the problem until it went away.

    But now the money's run dry. Americans grow poorer and less free every day, while the far-sighted policies of Western Europe have taken hold across the civilised world because they work. But in America, you have fossils and dogmatists who cling to the past and still think America doesn't need to change.

  11. He was using the stupid libertarian ideology of "throwing people in jail" if they didn't pay their taxes for universal healthcare.

  12. Kyle, he knows what Single-payer is. Republicans just fundamentally believe that people are not entitled to ANYTHING from the federal government. Anything he says beyond that, is bullshit.

  13. Cost does matter. What does the tax rate look like when 320+ million people are on a single-payer system and many of them don't work or pay taxes?

  14. The function of universal healthcare is so easy to look up that this was just painful. Hell, it's going on in the country right behind the U.S. north border!

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