Unions won’t give up on minimum wage hikes, Andy Puzder says

Former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder on the debate over the impact of a minimum wage increase.


  1. Think about it. Unions want their members to get jobs (at least in theory if not in contemporary practice) and they want the best pay they can get. How is unlimited importation of foreign, unskilled labor in line with those goals? And the free trade deals which most politicians tout inevitably result in offshoring of jobs and lower wages at home. You’d think that the minimum wage would be a winning Democratic argument with the unions, but every time you turn around you hear another story about how union bosses cut deals allowing their workers to be paid less than non-union workers to drive up membership. Add to that the revelation that union bosses often earn more than the CEOs of major corporations while their members are barely scraping by and you’ve got a formula for revolt.

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