Unarmed Teen Repeatedly Shot By Police

A young boy was repeatedly shot by police this weekend causing riots and worldwide outrage. Buy some awesomeness for yourself! http://www.forhumanpeoples.com/collections/sourcefed …


  1. Over here the police can’t carry guns and neither can people, it’s illegal.
    Yes there is the occasional stabbing but the crime rates are really low.
    Just ban guns, simple.

  2. The police force is full of racist, bigoted bastards. The police of America
    are a perfect example of how power corrupts assholes into doing horrible
    things. The entire force needs to be disabled and rebuilt from the ground
    up, with heavy background checks to make sure no racist police officers are
    ever hired again.

    Also, all these cops that murder innocent black men in cold blood need to
    be locked up for the rest of their lives. 

  3. My question is who the hell are they hiring over at any police force, i
    mean there is a death left to right on the news or internet about a police
    officer[s] killing someone when the death could have totally been prevented
    in most cases. I’m sorry but I don’t care if the deceased is black that
    many shots was unnecessary to shoot at an unarmed person. Something needs
    to be done and that police officer needs to fired. 

  4. The acts of a few police officers do not accurately reflect an entire
    police force. Just because there are one or two bad apples, doesn’t mean
    you should cut the entire tree down. People hating on the cops because of
    the action of a few individuals is like hating the entire black community
    because some criminals happens to be black. Or hating all Germans because
    of the Halocaust. Or fearing priests because a small majority had molested
    children. Or hating all immigrants because some crossed the border

    I don’t blindly trust all law enforcement, but I don’t disrespect the
    entire force either.

    Alright, so let’s say this guy was a complete asshole (I don’t know the
    whole story) but let’s just say this cop was a complete scumbag. Assholes
    are everywhere. Not because there’s a lot of them, but because they stand
    out. I had this asshole of a teacher in high school, he was a real
    douchebag and I hated him, but I still respected the staff as a whole
    because the rest were good people.

  5. I reject racism entirely. This wasn’t a race crime. It was a murder, and
    when someone is murdered, it doesn’t matter what race they were, they’re
    just as dead no matter what. The cop didn’t murder him because he was
    black. The cop murdered him because he’s a terrible human being who has no
    business walking around in public with what is essentially a license to

    That said, we don’t have a criminal justice system as it does not act to
    serve justice. It acts to protect the government, and if some bad guys get
    locked up along the way, so be it, but it doesn’t really matter to those
    who are in charge. Additionally, if innocent people get locked up or
    murdered along the way, it matters just as little to those in charge. As
    long as they are still in power, they do not care about you. This is why
    Obama was “more flexible in his second term” … because now that he’s in,
    he knows no one can do anything about anything and he can do what ever he

    This is why the police do what ever they want … because who’s going to
    stop them? Themselves? Ever notice how almost every internal investigation
    shows the cops did nothing wrong … even though video shows them beating
    helpless people to death? Yeah … when you let someone investigate
    himself, he always finds himself to be innocent. This called DUH!

  6. How was a grown man, with protective gear and training, feared for his life
    against an unarmed kid?
    Cops have so many other courses of action before their gun. It should never
    be the first option.

  7. I believe that I won’t feel bad what so ever if a cop gets shot. If I see
    that on the news or YouTube, I’ll skip it.
    Why is it ok for ppl to get killed by cops and little to no justice is
    served while a cop shooting sparks a manhunt??
    Fuck cops. I just feel sorry for all the good cops mixed in all this mess.

    Lastly, why don’t the good cops outcast or call out these pigs that are
    making them look bad?? Just saying..

  8. This sickens me. Another black child gunned down for no good damn reason.
    Even if the story the Ferguson police gave was proven true, this is TRAINED
    reason in hell a professional should allow ANYONE to get within distance of
    them to try and take their weapon in a situation of conflict. I’m an armed
    security officer, and I’ve been faced with situations of direst…and none
    of those times in the 5 1/2 years I’ve been a security professional have I
    ever let another person get close enough to me to take my weapon.

    When is this shit going to end? How many of our African American sons have
    to get killed in the street for government on ALL levels to take notice
    that this is a problem?

  9. God Damn… Every Week…. German Police would NEVER do shit like this…
    but over there in the US, there are those bad News about your Police every
    fucking week…… what is wrong with you?

    Thank god i live in Germany, over here i dont have to fear the police.

  10. Just 2 months ago I was brutally beaten by police officers in San Jose Ca,
    Later that night I was a witness to sheriffs beating on a cuffed inmate
    while he was stuck to a chair simply for asking “Hey I’ve been here for 5
    hours may I have housing” housing is basically a cell with a bunch of
    people. I have court on the 20th and I have to defend myself by bringing
    every x-ray, injuries pictures, and my veteran records to show that I have
    military experience to confirm the level of abuse I received was beyond
    what was needed especially if their report stated I did not resist in any
    form. I pray for the best for their families and friends that are affected
    and a note to the commenters that note their police are nicer and dissing
    the US, this has basically happen around the world and no matter where you
    live things like this happen. Their is a huge issue here that needs to be
    addressed and its how are we going to find a better way to monitor police
    on duty. 

  11. I support Anonumous 100% in this, yes they have a very strong “do it or
    else” attitude but police forces world wide are so two sides on things like
    this it’d scary. I honestly think Anonomous should just block everything
    until they get what the world wants: justice.

    It’s all that they’re out for and it’s all everyone wants.

  12. why people like or dislike this video
    unless you are the parent or friends of the victim I can’t understand why
    people should care. this death has no effect on your life and even if it
    has it’s a positive one, because dead people don’t consume oxygen that
    means more oxygen for you

  13. My issue, as someone who was involved in the Occupy movement until it was
    made clear that no one was listening anymore, is that every protest has
    anarchist sleeper agents in it. They wait until police and protesters get
    close together, and then they start throwing shit, even when it’s supposed
    to be peaceful. Whether or not these “bad apples” are just inexperienced
    protesters who don’t know the laws and/or the consequences of breaking
    them, it makes it difficult for the non-violent people there to get their
    points across and make it out alive, as crowds are usually hard to search
    through in order to find a single perpetrator of violence, and the police
    are already on orders to subdue any potentially bad situations.

  14. I have no doubt it had to do about race.. Had the guy been white, the cops
    probably would’ve just restrained him. But since he was black, they killed
    him. It only seems to happen when the cops are white and the other person
    is black. What the fuck is wrong with people?? Even if the cops’ account of
    him shoving the cop was true, it still wasn’t any reason to kill him.

  15. So every single time cops will take a cops word over the word of other
    witnesses. Simple solution to find the truth. Give both the cop, and the
    witnesses a lie detector test IN PUBLIC. That way EVERYONE knows the truth.
    So tired of “I swore on my badge that this is what happened.” No.. Cop or
    not humans being LIE. So tired of cops acting like they’re above other
    humans, and acting like they’ve never once lied in their life.

  16. Innocent till proven guilty, why does this not apply for the officer, the
    anti-cop circle-jerk is really noticeable in the comment section.

  17. 30 people got arrested during a protest? That how you know we are no longer
    a first world country. I guess Iceland is the best country in the world

  18. If he was unarmed and the cop failed to fire to disable, (if under threat
    at all, which I doubt) that cop should be lynched by the good people of the

  19. I heard recently that a cop somewhere else in the states caused the death
    of an infant because the mother refused to stop breastfeeding in public.
    The cop ended up with paid vacation leave, much like in this situation. So
    yea, Here I agree with Anonymous. The government needs to enforce a
    nationwide code of conduct, since not all the states function the same. And
    Police need to realize that they are not “Above” the Law, they are not the
    Law Incarnate, they are citizens of the USA much like we are and should be
    held responsible for their actions just as us non-police people are. Police
    forces are being held to Secret Brotherhood Rules (or Frat House Rules) at
    the moment and it’s not just unfair, It’s just wrong.

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