Unacceptable Shirt Design “Exterminated” by Zara

“The navy-and-white striped “sheriff shirt” behind the clothing controversy features horizontal stripes and a six-pointed gold star. “The design of the shirt was inspired uniquely by the sheriff’s…


  1. It’s a six pointed star where as the Jewish star was five and the stripes
    are going the wrong way, why dose that other bird keep squealing?

  2. I don’t see any resemblance between this shirt and holocaust shirts. It is
    just a black and white striped shirt with a star on it. If you fucks think
    that shirt resembles holocaust shirts then does that mean Ana is wearing a
    Holocaust shirt? I find it a little odd that Ana chose that particular
    shirt to wear when talking about this story. I think Ana supports the
    holocaust. I’m going to start a hashtag. It’ll be
    #AnaKaspariansupportstheholocaust .

  3. If it was something that affected a Muslim y’all will go crazy about how
    this Muslims are so sensitive. Just saying
    Be fair to every side .

  4. Who the fuck cares? This is being used as prison clothes in many countries
    so what? Even I had that shirt as a child. Like wtf ww2 is over and
    everyone can shut the fuck up about it. Just like how no one speaks up
    against Israel just because of ww2

  5. the stripes are completely different and it’s clearly a sheriff’s star, not
    a star of david. some people spend every waking moment just aching to take

  6. Well looking at the star (with the ball on the end) I do believe what they
    intended. This is more a cause of incompetence than evil.

    About Gina’s “point” how a Spanish company shouldn’t do anything “wild
    west” related… does that mean that no US company’s should do anything
    related to medieval age? Classical Greece? Anything what isn’t strictly US?
    Sorry but my guess is that your follow Americans wouldn’t like your rule

  7. Oh my god, i’m so sick of the comments going “Who fucking cares? See, I
    have an unpopular opinion because i’m fucking edgy!” Just burn in hell and
    chock on a cock you absolute morons. You know it looks like the uniforms
    for the prisoners in the camps, stop pretending otherwise so you can be
    “counterculture” or whatever. You aren’t cool.

  8. Probably the best description of this happened during the live stream when
    this story was first aired. The live stream comments actually stopped
    trolling for like a page and a half and instead all you saw was: “wtf”,
    “HAHAHAHAAH!!!”, “lol!”, etc.

    Then they made that exterminate line and everyone thought that it was an
    onion story.
    Really it is just too hilariously stupid to be offensive. 

  9. cmon people! Not to defend Zara or Spain but half USA thinks we only eat
    tacos and tapas in Spain and the other half thinks that we always dress up
    as bull fighters and sevillana dancers… don’t act so surprised when other
    countries come up with stereotypical shit about the USA too.

  10. Yeah. Screw this panel.
    That shirt looks nothing like a holocaust prison uniform and even if it
    does (which it doesn’t) they didn’t mean it to be and that’s what matters.
    So we’re not allowed designing a white shirt with blue strips anymore
    because something that happened almost 100 years ago? That’s so stupid.
    Their intentions shouldn’t be ignored. They wanted a cowboy or sheriff
    (western) design not 1930s holocaust child. Zara bent its ass over to
    people who complained and you guys at TYT are like, “yeah. go ahead. It’s
    offensive to some people so shut it down.” Again, screw this panel.

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  12. YEAH leave the westerns to the americans unless its the good the bad and
    the ugly, once upon a time in the west, a fist full of dollars, a few
    dollars more, the great silence, django (old one), the big gundown,
    cemetery without crosses, so on so forth

  13. wow fat one shows shes reasonable at the end

    nice to see this shallow and superficial woman finally show something
    aiming to the possibility she aint a dumb bitch

    whatever behaviour classes cenk made her take hava paid off ^_^ 

  14. This is the stupidest story ever, the shirt looks nothing like the nazi one.
    I find the comment that that women said about since the company is spanish
    they can´t make a sheriff shirt more offensive than the whole story.

  15. Jews are not white but Hebrew Israelites, Negroes, (not african) Hispanics
    and indians, are the true jews of the bible, those white jews and Israelis
    arent the real chosen people.

  16. Surely for people who wish us never to forget the murder of Jews. This is
    the publicity they want. Strange. Is using a yellow star somehow shameful.
    It should be symbol of Bravery and defiance and injustice. Instead its
    hidden away. Its just depends on how you interpret a symbol. It would seem
    that the Yellow star is as offensive as a swastika.
    Swastika/Oppressor , Yellow star/Oppressed.

  17. In this story: USians are apparently too stupid to tell the difference
    between horizontal stripes and vertical ones.

  18. Oh FFS who are these idiots that are complaining about this? Those two
    shirts look nothing alike. FFS one of them has a button collar and the
    other does not WTF?

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