Ukraine: Fighting the Rebels | Journal

The Ukrainian government asks the EU and NATO for military support. This comes as rebels shoot down another Ukrainian warplane. More DW videos:


  1. DW why do not say anything about today’s “Right sector” ultimate?!!!
    Why nobody announce that Right sector (named by Merkel neo-nazy) “solders”
    fight in Eastern Ukraine instead regular Ukraine army?!!!
    Why no one speak for Right sector anti human atrocities?!

  2. This country – Ukraine, not Russia. And Doneck’s citizens must understad
    (better go to Russia) ….Украина должна быть единой страны.

  3. so what crime did these rebels do? why is it wrong for them to be there own
    country but it is ok for syrian rebels to attack its country? why is it ok
    for the usa to give arms to syrian rebels but not ok for russia to give
    arms to ukraine rebels? why are the syrian rebels aloud to murder people
    and still be the good guy as the west ukraine gets murder and have to be
    the bad guys? 

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