Ukraine crisis: A family’s story after ‘hell’ of Donetsk airport battle – BBC News

Ukrainian soldier Sergeant Major Anatoly Svyryd tells BBC News how his family were reunited after he fought in the vicious battle for Donetsk Airport. Subscribe to BBC News HERE .


  1. i think as western Europeans, we find it very difficult to understand what,
    ideologically speaking, the conflict is about. i was in Russia not to long
    ago, and after meeting and speaking with Russians i feel oddly different
    about the situation. although i feel that Russia illegally entered conflict
    with Ukraine for its own goals, i doo see the Russian stand point a bit
    more clearly. not to say that i support the Crimean conflict, not in the
    slightest. part of me thinks that “so be it. let the separatists have their
    land” and in many respects it would solve a huge proportion of the war.
    however if Russia takes the Crimea under its own territory, that is wrong.
    it reminds me of the Crimean war, almost 150 years ago in a seance of
    Russia wanting to keep the port art Sevastopol deeply rooted in Russian
    soil. as i said at the start, there are so many minorities in eastern
    Europe that conflict is bound to happen, look at Kosovo and Czechoslovakia.
    my final word will be that, although my opinion on Putin has changed more
    favorably, i still think there are scary parallels between him and Stalin.
    just look up the assassination of Kirov.

  2. I hope when he is hugging his son he thinks about whether he would want him
    in the same situation he just survived from. When he talks about his
    comrades dying and not being able to help them they were people’s sons too.
    Better to negotiate differences than die so the oligarchs can make more
    money. You know their sons won’t be anywhere the battlefield.

  3. I suppose that Non-Russian people can’t understand exactly which part of
    this video contains pro-Russians interview and which is not. That is why
    they could have a wrong opinion.

  4. Гондоны , а видео у ополченцев взяли… вы хуже чем развед группа!!!!

  5. Non of these would have happened if Ukraine remains a neutral relation
    between EU & Russia. But NATO expansion eastward change the status quo.

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