UK Army ‘abandoned’ Afghan war interpreters to resurgent Taliban

Hundreds of interpreters who worked with British and US troops in Afghanistan are desperately seeking asylum in the countries they helped during the war. Many say they’ve been threatened by…


  1. You don’t need an interpreter to know that these guys are fucked. The West
    allows hordes of illegal immigrants to overrun it’s borders, but balks at
    the idea of helping a few hundred war allies.

  2. I would like to remind RT viewers that replying to troll comments just
    moves em up. You have to FLAG them for them to be removed from your feed. 

  3. Look what “The Times” has also reported on: Russian tanks, howitzers and
    arms reach Ukraine rebels
    “A large Russian military convoy seen heading for the east Ukrainian city
    of Donetsk yesterday has sparked fears of a return to full-scale
    Unmarked convoys have been sighted driving towards the rebel frontlines
    from the direction of the Russian border in the past ten days. There has
    also been a marked increase in artillery fire.”

  4. Good reporting Harry Fear and I always admired his news coverage and he
    certainly hates the supremacist traitorous JEWS.

  5. This is not surprising. The fact is that the US and UK will use and abuse
    “allies” until they are no longer mission critical. Then they will toss em
    aside like so much garbage. These men will be tried as Traitors, because
    that is what they are, helping a regime that had murdered 1.2 million
    Iraqis and Afghans for invisible WMDs and “Al Qaeda” revenge respectively.
    regardless of what the US propaganda machine tells em…Brainwashed, just
    like the Al Qaeda ilk.

    Shows you what the US/UK REALLY want in the middle east. They wont help
    their own puppets, easier and cleaner to get rid of people who knew too
    much. So, the next time you see a troll claim that the US/UK are fighting
    for Democracy, do me a favor and punch him in the face.

  6. Im UK this Is typical of rthe Brits,just look at the Gurka`s fought for us
    then we try`d throwing them out trhe country after years of service.

  7. Everyone can see that the helping to the US or UK is bad idea at the start!
    In the end the US or UK will betray and leave even their own allies! this
    is simply message for everyone that are on the side of US,UK and other
    western corrupted countries that attack and rob other countries for their
    own purposes! everyone that dare to help to the criminals from Washington
    or London that occupied other countries such as the Americans or the Brits
    do, everyone that betrayed their own nation and country will pay for it!
    also as wee see no one even should trust to the western snakes such as the
    US or UK ,because these western snakes got used to betrayal their own
    allies like cowards without any honor! everyone should know that the US
    cowards will leave you behind anytime when you will start to be

  8. Cannon Fodder for the Neo American Terrorist Organization
    My poor fellow Asians have to pay the price for collaborating with NATO

  9. As terrible as this betrayal is, the UK army does not control immigration
    and asylum policies. There are not soldiers sitting on walls at the boarder
    to deem you worthy or not of entry to this fascist state ala Berlin wall.
    No doubt when the cases were reviewed by various civilian agencies there
    were statements that were read from serving soldiers as the the individuals
    in question, while some of the soldiers may have been a dick and racist
    there would of been other who wanted the interpreters to gain asylum.

    I get that this is a blatant propaganda attack on the UK government and RT
    is being used as a tool for that. But at least get your facts right and
    report the real traitors here and don’t try to just pin a target on guys
    who were there at the behest of the political elite. This is at western
    style journalism, and defamation of the UK armed forces. Dislike and
    reported for a blatant lie in the title. Sort your shit out RT before you
    become a differed colloured fox news.

  10. only politicians and assholes would do some thing like that.
    but then again, if the interpreters lay down with dogs they will get fleas.

  11. This is what happens when you risk your life and family for “freedom”. We
    turn our backs once again. US doesn’t represent the common person, hardly
    represents me. Billionaires buy out politicians here, and everywhere else
    for that matter. We need to have the common people of all countries realize
    that we do care for each other. Don’t fall for any of this extreme
    nationalism, it drives a huge wedge between different people.

  12. Wow, the Govt used people then abandoned them… errrr yeah! this is what
    the Govts always do… they do it with British Soldiers so who cares about
    a few interpreters… not our Govt clearly…

  13. to expensive? ok why not drop one less smart bomb today, that saves 1
    million dollars, that should be enough for a few of them. I mean they did
    help us in this bullshit war. 

  14. They used them then they should bring them into the UK and or the US, this
    is so typical how these two countries use and abuse

  15. I find it incredible that the “interpreters” hired by the illegal invaders
    had no problem accepting cash and huge benefits for their service…
    knowing full well that their fellow citizens who were dying at the hands of
    the war criminals would come home to roost as soon as the war crimials went
    on to another nation to invade illegally… selling out in one’s own
    country is not on any immigration form…

  16. Good old Brits, they side with the devil to get an angle. Sided with the
    Ottoman Empire to fight Russia, while the Ottomans slaughter Christians in
    the Balkans, then ended up fighting the Turks in WW1, betrayed
    Czechoslovakia in 1939, allowed the Germans to invade through the Munich
    agreement… The list goes on 

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