U.S. needs strong nuclear, conventional forces to cope with N. Korea: Mattis

매티스 美국방 “北도발 지속…강력한 핵억지력-재래식전력 필요”

The United States vowed to maintain a strong nuclear and conventional force to counter increased global security threats.
Diplomatic solutions would be ideal,… but Washington’s defense chief feels the need to project strength to maintain peace.
Kim Hyun-bin tells us more.

U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis told the Senate Appropriations Committee on Wednesday that Washington needs to secure a nuclear deterrent and a strong conventional force to better counter North Korea’s reckless rhetoric and provocations.
Mattis also expressed concern about North Korea’s proliferation activities,.. saying the regime’s nuclear ambitions are unsettling the region.
The U.S. defense chief insisted that Washington prefers diplomatic solutions,… but stressed the military’s role is to ensure the United States negotiates from a position of strength and sets the conditions for diplomatic progress.
On a related note,… South Korea and the U.S. ended their two week-long computer simulation Key Resolve exercise on Thursday.
The allies will evaluate the exercise on Friday.
Some 13-thousand troops took part this year,… a sharp increase from the ten-thousand involved last year.
This year’s Key Resolve focused on targeting North Korea’s key facilities,… including its nuclear and missile infrastructure.
The first week was focused on defense and the final week was on offensive measures.
Military officials say the missile defense exercise took into account the soon-to-be-deployed THAAD battery… as well as other defensive and offensive missile systems.
Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.

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  1. Haven't you figured it out yet? The US bombs, China builds.
    When the US starts another war, South Korea will be caught in the middle while folks in the US won't feel it at all.

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