Trump’s Budget Director: ‘Insurance Is Not Really the End Goal’ of GOP Healthcare Act

In this Majority Report clip, we watch Mick Mulvaney, the director of the Office of Management & Budget under Donald Trump, tell Mark Halperin on “Morning Joe” that insurance isn’t the goal of the Republicans’ new healthcare act. The goal is for people to be able to go to the doctor. Which will somehow be aided by not having health insurance?

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  1. The medicaid expansion has saved many lives and what this bill the GOP hope to pass will do is cause the death of many people. They are literally willing to kill people to give millionaires a tax break.

  2. Hey, c'mon guys; I'm a doctor. Yeppir, you just trade me that chicken and I'll treat you for that heart attack. No problem. You might have a little problem with hospital collecting agencies but ME? No big deal.

  3. If insurance isn't the goal, but health care is… why not just ignore insurance all together and go single payer??

  4. It looks like the Republicans were right after all that Obamacare was going to lead to death panels. There are two active now: Congress and the Trump administration. Goodbye Obamacare. Say Hello to TrumpDon'tCare! (kudos to the wit who thought up this name! It s not original, but worthy of passing around!)

  5. Did you know that for a significant portion of Americans an unexpected bill of just $500 to $700 can spell financial ruin.

    Did you also know that for that ER visit many will have as their ACA replacement the cost of just walking in is $500. No treatment yet, your bill is already $500.

    And things like cancer screenings and treatments or diabetes test supplies and medication aren't treated in the ER. The cost of 1 year of insulin without insurance is $12000. One of my friend's has type 1 diabetes. Without insurance she already knows ut will cost her at minimum $12000 to live.

    It was Obamacare because Obama-cared enough to do something to get people coverage. Republicans aren't prolife. Probusiness, antiabortion yes. But not prolife.

  6. I'm going on 50, I'm self employed and have a wife and baby to take care of. Next year I'll have no healthcare and neither will my wife..

    Thanks Republican assholes.

  7. the big difference simply put is to fine people for buying insurance rather than fining those who choose not to buy it.

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