Trump Loyalist on Ballot in Georgia Primary

Republicans are focusing on a Special Election in Georgia on Tuesday to fill the House seat left empty by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. There are 18 candidates, but only one with a unique connection to President Trump. One America’s John Hines has more with Congressional Candidate Bruce Levell.


  1. I am going to look for his campaign web site. he sounds like a realist. I would love to see him win it. maybe I might even donate. 🖒

  2. Everything was fine until he said, "African American"… There is no such thing… You're either African, or you're American… Which is it? If you were born here to American Citizens, you're American… If you were born here to non-citizens, you're African… There is no such thing as African Americans and haven't been for hundreds of years… You can identify as Black American, but not as African American unless you were born there and immigrated here yourself and have a legal green card… So make up your mind… Which are you?

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