Trayvon Martin’s parents concerned about Donald Trump

In an exclusive interview with USA TODAY’s Capital Download, the parents of Trayvon Martin tell Washington Bureau chief Susan Page that they are concerned President Trump will reverse the nation’s recent progress on racial justice.


  1. Trump will "reverse work on social justice progress" what progress Obama didn't do shit for the African American community, all he did was stir up more racial tensions

  2. Total toro caca. treyvon was not the victim, he was a predator. I'm offended and concerned about parents like these. Remember, fulton said she kicked trayvon out, to live with his equally incompetent father, because she couldn't do anything with him.
    Ignorance, fear, hatred,& bigotry. The Four Horsemen of liberalism.

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  4. Did not understand this interview ? 🤔 why interview the parents ? Tf do they have to do with trump being president 😂

  5. Yeah, two shitty parents who raised a thug. Who are now, race baiting to make money off his death. Why not show his thug pictures, which were more current when he died.

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