Train Derailment In Wisconsin Leaves 10 Cars Off Tracks

Crews are working to clean up the site of a train derailment in Chippewa County. It happened just north of Highway 64. Witnesses say the cars derailed…


  1. the old marine channel said a police officer told him that there is
    capability to lay something over the tracks to purposely derail a train…
    (if needed in certain scenarios)

  2. I believe it is sabatoge. Need to discourage public from using trains and
    planes, so ppl stay put….easier to find in round ups and cars no easier
    for the forced check points….we are being immobilized slowly as to not
    Catch on

  3. This has become a major pain for those of us who have family employed with
    the railroad; seems to be every week now.

  4. that stretch has has a lot of derailments over the years. the problem is
    the tracks are in such poor shape and Warren Buffett won’t fix them

  5. The trains derailing would be in the interest of the people with the XL
    Pipeline. What better way to usher in the project then to show all these
    trains spilling oil everywhere.

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