Tom Price’s SHAMEFUL Wife Says People With HIV Should Be Rounded Up and Quarantined

Majority Report contributor Michael Brooks is hosting the show for Sam Seder today. In this clip, we take a look at Georgia State Rep. Betty Price’s suggestion to quarantine people exposed to HIV. It should probably be noted that Betty Price is the wife of former Secretary of Health and Human Services and all around bad guy Tom Price.

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—A state lawmaker who has drawn criticism after asking about the legality of quarantining people with HIV has said her comments were misunderstood and intended to be “provocative” and “rhetorical” in a broader conversation about curtailing the virus.

Georgia State Rep. Betty Price (R) made the statement Tuesday, at a study committee meeting on barriers to adequate health care. Committee members had been discussing, she later said, why Georgia ranks second in the nation when it came to new HIV cases.

“What are we legally able to do? I don’t want to say the quarantine word, but I guess I just said it,” Price asked Pascale Wortley, the head of the Georgia Department of Public Health’s HIV Epidemiology Section, as seen in a video of the meeting.

Price, whose district includes parts of Atlanta’s northern suburbs, is a former anesthesiologist and has served on the boards of the medical associations of Atlanta and Georgia, according to her legislative biography. She is married to former U.S. health and human services secretary Tom Price.—


  1. HIV is spreading because of the heroine academic so make all drugs legal

    thx for this ha bisky clip i love you peoples

  2. I say people with AIDS should attack police with their blood (tainted needles, spraying blood, and other creative weapons). If they can give 10,000 plus cops AIDS, America would be a better Country. Oh, oh! And target politicians!

  3. America is beyond the point of no return.
    We allowed these hideous people to have a say in government, all the while laughing off their religious fanaticism and right wing ignorance. Now we have people in ACTUAL positions of influence asking questions that should have them shunned by their government counterparts, but are instead given serious consideration.

  4. Just because your "idol" Bill Clinton has the "bug"….you`re all upset.
    Just in the news today a teachers assistant or counselor in a elementary school failed to divulge that he has AIDS and has EXPOSED a slew of unwitting children to this DISEASE.

  5. They did the same thing to plague victims in Venice in the Middle Ages.

    Stuffed both living, dying, and dead alltogehter on one island called Puveglia.
    One of the world's most haunted places.

  6. I thought Jerry Falwell was dead, or were they talking about the junior at the end? Note: I'm not interested enough in that bloated bigoted asshole's existence to google it so I'm not able to confirm whether my initial thought was correct.

  7. Them useless Christians..always with the Bronze Age technology.
    We should round them up, and put them in the zoo to watch , how a human acts, waiting on the powers of a delusional being.
    Russia and China would be here already if we use there intelligence.
    Sickens me we have to share freedom with a people so bent on not using our intelligence
    Oppressing our freedoms every time we put out a new one.. every time… "I hate them guys! ( Indiana jones)

  8. Sure glad Clinton didn't win. I mean, just think of it, she was going to fix Obamacare instead of going for universal healthcare, and only wanted to push for a $12 minimum wage instead of $15. This was definitely the better option. /sarcasm

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