“TOM PRICE LIED!!! ARE YOU LYING??!!” Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Trump HHS Nominee Alex Azar

In a heated Senate confirmation hearing, Elizabeth Warren brilliantly destroys Trump’s nominee for HHS Secretary, Alex Azar (Tom Price’s replacement), on his apparent lies & his big pharma ties! FREE TRIAL TO AMAZON PRIME! http://amzn.to/2tBNAGg (Affiliate Link)

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Featuring Elizabeth Warren & Alex Azar.


  1. I hate EW. No doubt. But Tom Price is a piece shieeooot! He should have fixed health care and ended ACA by didn’t have the balls to do it. What a waste of a human being……

  2. Let ask the shill questions OK. Now  lets throw rocks at him…..When you fine a pharama co make it effing sting. 20billion for starters

  3. Is anybody getting this. These people move between government jobs and the private sector and all they do is rig the game against us. In the case of Wall Street we had a former Goldman Sachs Exec Henry Paulson who suddenly resigns that position and becomes Bush's ahem Sec Of Treasury where he then set out to orchestrate the 2008 Wall Street bailout.

    Are we seeing the game these people are playing. It amazes me how these guys dodge and lie when being question almost as if its a game which it is to them.

  4. you can only hope Warren is being sincere about her believes and her opposition against these vampire republicans and it's not just an act for the benefit of the public….you never know who you can trust since the 1% have bought everyone it seems

  5. she's out there to quell discontent. like the (classic) democratic politician who who hands district member's a bag of coal every winter so they don't freeze. they get votes on-the-cheap.

    does the situation for district members actually improve long-term? they didn't freeze last winter (a definite plus), but probably not.

  6. it's pointless to argue at a senate hearing with a senator you know doesn't like you, your positions, or want you to have the position. politics 101.

  7. This dried up woman needs to stop. It's not this guy's responsibility to determine what is appropriate compensation for illegal behavior. The settlement was adjudicated in our court system the way it should have been. By the way, litigation is always part of doing business. Every major corporation has a legal department.

  8. As a senior citizen on Medicaid, I take HUGE offence at this man, with big Pharma ties being in charge of the hen house, so to speak. He has no business whatsoever in this position. It's a conflict of interest and he has profited handsomely. Does anyone want him in charge of their drug costs? To have illegal activity continue under his watch? He's not even answering questions and he's the type to raise drug prices so the poor can't afford it just as soon as he can get away with it. It's highly unethical, just like the rest of this corrupt administration. They all need to go away. Just go away.

  9. Along with record criminal fines, the people in charge of these companies need to go to prison! How are you gonna stop this kind of behavior if nobody goes to prison?

  10. 1.Made fun of a Handicapped Reporter
    2. Slut Shamed and defamed a Female Senator
    3. Has recorded footage of him belittling women on a bus and bragging about grabbing pussy.
    4. Lawsuits and bankruptcy, The unwillingness to release tax returns
    5. Possible collusion with Russia and A LOT of evidence that points to this being true.
    6. Backed a possible Child Molester because he needed that seat so damn bad!
    7. Calls every single news network that isn't Breitbart or Fox and Friends "Fake"
    8. Goes to sign a bill, says a few garbled words and proceeds to walk out of the room without signing anything, forgetting his entire point of being there.
    9. Spreads racial hate by tweeting about videos posted from crackpot conspiracy groups about muslims beating up someone in the Netherlands which was proven false.
    10. Constantly lies (over 1500 since taking office) roughly 5 lies a day
    11. Releases a bill that gives a permanent tax cut for the super rich donors and mega corporations, while giving a very limited and minuscule tax reduction to the poor/middle class which, by 2025, will have negative effects (raised taxes) on the same group he PROMISED to watch out for. All the while repealing healthcare, insurance, medicare, medicaid, social security and dampening our children's educations.
    12. Discredits the FBI, for obvious reasons (Trump, just let them continue their investigation if you have nothing to hide)

    These are just a few that came straight to mind- most of them have evidence to back them up. There are countless others that I can't be bothered to write about because just 12 in and I'm already sick to my stomach. Seriously, even if he was only guilty of number 1, I still think he would be unfit to be our President. What a waste of oxygen.

  11. SANDERS / WARREN 2020. I knew that the super rich were controlling everything involved, but not to it's severity. It only took the most corrupt administration in American History to open my eyes to the truth. Just look at how Warren and Sanders use coherent, articulated speech patterns in their words and comments. Listen to just about any of Obama's public announcements or interviews. This is how people of power should speak, and carry themselves. They aren't self indulging, name calling egomaniacs bordering on full blown Dementia. Now watch and listen to the drivel that leaks out of Trump's facial orifice. From someone who really doesn't have a strong political affiliation, I can still judge you based on your morals and ethics. A wet booger planted on the underside of a desk shows more affection and humanity than our current President.
    People say "Hey, you watch CNN, THAT'S FAKE NEWS". Sorry to burst your fragile little bubble, but I focus more on the live footage they show of Trump over their personal opinions. CNN just happens to share similar view points on his overly childish, demeaning behavior. The insults, slander, lies, immaturity and nastiness our current President shows to the public on an almost daily basis, is all I need to form my own judgement and conclusion. Sorry but not sorry, Donald needs to go.

  12. Disgusting filibustering from Azar. We're not fooled. Thicko Trump will eventually meet his Waterloo with this lady. Can't wait!

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