Time Calls John Kelly ‘Donald Trump’s Last Best Hope’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Time Magazine places General John Kelly, new WH Chief of Staff, on its latest cover, and Michael Duffy joins Morning Joe to discuss his new article on Kelly.
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Time Calls John Kelly ‘Donald Trump’s Last Best Hope’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Morning Joe is so much better without the eponymous host and his fiance. People are actually allowed to talk without being ridden over by a garrulous male anchor. There is plenty of informed opinion around the Morning Joe table but all too often they have to sprint to the end of a sentence because they know they will be interrupted when they get through the first third of their sentence. Trump is an impulsive, erratic, reactionary, ignorant individual who will never change his behaviour. As far as he is concerned he got to the White House by being the way he is so why would he change? Worryingly we have childish, authoritarian blow-hards leading America and North Korea. Let us hope level heads prevail.

  2. Kelly has spent his entire life following orders.
    That's not going to change now.
    Failing Trump will continue to be a loose cannon.

  3. Trump has a history of being erratic, impulsive, saying or making decisions on the fly with no thought to the consequences being the narc that he is. Kelly is last best hope? Yep, he will squander it like he's done with so many things

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