These Photoshopped Disney Princesses Actually Look…Normal?

Disney princesses look nothing like women in real life (duh, they’re cartoons!). But just how unrealistic are they? BuzzFeed’s Loryn Brantz Photoshopped Disney princesses like Jasmine, Ariel,…


  1. Guys please get Lisa away from this channel… she doesn’t EVER have
    anything interesting interesting to say.

  2. waaaiiiit know a lady who perma wears a corset. she has the exact same
    figure. the doctors say she is healthy. You have a very valid point but do
    not completely bash it to the cement. on another note kids with parents
    that are doing their job do not have this problem.

  3. Pleasee… I have a thin waist myself and no matter what I do, I can’t put
    on weight, so I’m unrealistic? Maybe to you in America, but from where I’m
    from, my body type is pretty “normal”! When I was younger, I would watch
    these movies and think “I should be kind to all creatures like they are”, I
    couldn’t care less about their waist line! This is getting on my nerves
    already!! This “Disney princesses are a bad role model for young girls”
    crap! Let me tell you something… my biggest role-models are my father and
    my mother, not some character in a movie, my actions are based in what my
    parents taught me, not some cartoons or video-games! Stop blaming Disney
    and video-games for something that is not in their power!If your kid is all
    screwed-up it’s not Disney’s fault!

  4. Well it’s artistic expression. I think that’s unfair. I always draw females
    with extreme hour glass figures, that’s my artistic decision. It looks more
    dramatic. Men also have unrealistic bodies in these cartoon too, you didn’t
    address. They are given extremely large shoulders, buff body chests,
    occassionaly big triceps & small waists. It’s just a matter of style and
    taste. Leave the art alone. Attack unrealistic expectations on magazine
    covers or something.

  5. Because anorexia is the number 1 weight problem in America…….

    Americans are fat as fuck it’s not like a skinnier body image would kill
    you fat fucks on the other side of the pond.

  6. How come Lisa focuses on the woman of Disney. What about the men, take
    Hercules for example is that a realistic interpretation if men?

  7. My question about this is WHY THE FUCK IS AN HOURGLASS BODY TYPE
    “UNOBTAINABLE”? It’s like the woman photoshopping this completely discards
    that as a possible or as a healthy body type. I’m a thin girl with a small
    waist and a large chest and butt and honestly the “realistic” renderings of
    these characters make me feel like shit about myself! I get what she’s
    trying to do with these images but can she at least try not to judge the
    people who look more like the princesses and less like the photoshopped

  8. Funny how guys never look at male animated role models with unrealistic
    proportions like Superman, Goku, He Man, Batman or any other given animated
    hero and say “Oooh, I feel SO inferior, WHY are these TERRIBLE shows
    setting such unrealistic standards of masculinity for my sons, there’s
    something TERRIBLY wrong with society, I am OFFENDED!”, NO, we’re just like
    “Man this show is sweet, Yeah muscles! Yeah violence! Yeah punch him in the
    face!” and get on with shit. They’re animated, it’s called ‘stylisation’,
    if all characters had realistic bodily proportions they’d be less visually
    appealing, it’s character design 101. Stop worrying about your daughters
    developing eating disorders because Ariel has a frickin’ 10-inch waist, she
    also has a tail, hair that’s some bizarre alien shade of red, can breathe
    under water and talks to crabs and fish and shit, it’s a cartoon that you
    should hope that your children are intelligent enough t distinguish from
    reality, Stop trying to make EVERYTHING into a social issue that needs to
    be ‘corrected’. There are FAR more important issues in the development of
    modern-day children that need to be scrutinised and saying Disney movies
    are to blame isn’t helping anyone. Honestly you’re even worse than those
    idiots that say that videogames cause school shootings. Ugh.

  9. I don’t understand why there are so many dislikes on this video… It is a
    very important topic and I really enjoyed the video.

  10. You people treat the public like drones. Art is fucking art, and saying
    “don’t make these characters too skinny or they will get depressed or
    something” is just idiotic and proof that the only media giving people
    unrealistic expectations is feminist journalism.

  11. Yeah, cause every 5 year old is like ‘i aint putting my mushroom in
    anything thicker than Jasmine’ THEY’RE FUCKING KIDS

  12. So is trying to look like a doll or cartoon something new? I watch Disney
    cartoon and played with Barbies when I was little and never once thought
    “Hmm I should look like that.” Even when I was a bit older and played with
    Bratz dolls, I never thought that I would look like them because they were
    just dolls.

  13. I have a negative body image because I watched Spongebob. I always tried to
    achieve the boxy body with toothpick legs. Alas, I was unsucessful

  14. I disagree with the Elsa waistline one, she has a normal waist line. I’m
    not super thin but I’m thin and my waist is just like Elsa’s.

  15. I think the phtotoshopped versions aren’t looking totally realistic. Of
    course no one has such a slim waist, but the photoshopped versions don’t
    have a waist at all, they ‘re just straight. There are people with no waist
    & some with a very slim one you can’t just say that they are way too
    skinny! i think the waist is an important detail, which make the princesses
    so magical (:

  16. I see what you’re going at Lisa, but when I was 3 I didn’t really look at
    their figures or anything… lol. Besides, basically every cartoon has
    characters with insanely altered proportions, not just a super small waist,
    but other things as well.

  17. Studies show that children know the difference between cartoons and real
    life (less so if they are religious, hah!), so Lisa’s assertion that these
    cartoons hurt children’s self mental image has no evidence in reality. If
    you wanted to help people with body dysmorphic disorders, you should go
    after the fashion industry that uses anorexic models and magazines that
    photoshop their models to unrealistic proportions.

  18. If the goal is to teach your child realism then you probably shouldn’t be
    having them watch cartoons. YOU are supposed to raise your children, not

  19. People often tell me “Why watch if you can’t stand her!!?!”

    I watch the videos she’s in personally just to debunk the fuck out of her
    delusional modern feminist thoughts and view points.

    No real woman sees a cartoon princess and says to themselves, “i would love
    to have that figure” and be truly serious about it.

    If you want to make the real culprit appear, expose Cosmopolitan magazine
    and the others such as Vogue as well.

    Cartoon is a cartoon, a game is a game. the characters are not real. 

  20. I never realized how awfully thin they are. Although, I never really had
    the thought of “I want to look like them when I grow up.” I doubt a four
    year old would think this way.

  21. Feminists treat art the same way 4Chan treats twitter. 4Chan raids twitter
    with some crazy shit every once in a while, but 4Chan does it 4 lulz, while
    feminists actually believe in it.

    BTW, We can see through your nose.

  22. Shocking! They looked like they’d die any minute :O maybe Elsa was a bit
    different, but Jasmines waist was pure bones! 

  23. I agree that Disney beauty standards are unreal, but personally I’m not
    fond of this artist’s work. Many women, even “chubby” ones, do have
    visible waists, not those rectangular figures she photoshopped. It’s like
    promoting one specific female body type as normal. Also, lets not forget
    that many heroines, like Cinderella or Belle, probably wore tight corsets,
    because those fairy tales are often based on 17th to 19th century reality.

  24. There is a reason they are drawn, this is fiction, the men also don’t look
    like real men, no one talks about that, who cares, no little girl actually
    notices this crap by themselves, they all notice it because adults point
    these things out.

  25. Buzzfeed is sub-journalism. if your source is Buzzfeed, you are
    Elsa looked more realistic before they photoshopped her. Some women are
    just thin.

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