These Colleges Have A “Rape Problem”

Activist group UltraViolet is targeting several universities with online ads warning students that these schools have a “rape problem.” This bold ad campaign is intended to put pressure on…


  1. I’m not from the USA, could someone explain to me why the university should
    be the one to deal with a case of rape? Isn’t that the responsibility of
    the court system? 

  2. These universities have an alleged rape problem.
    If an alleged rape or sexual assault is not reported to the police as well
    as the university, well then I’m not counting it as a real rape or sexual

    One day an accused who is only reported to the university is going to make
    use of the civil system and sue for slander. Their name cannot be cleared
    without going through the justice system, even then the stigma will stick
    even if the accusations are retracted by the accuser.

  3. i just hope that these SA claims don’t give people immediate
    repercussions. Guilty means guilty under a court of law beyond a reasonable
    doubt. A college isn’t a court.

  4. This is actually a great way to force universities to do the right thing. I
    encourage all students and parents to specifically ask about rape and other
    crime when touring campuses. When I went with my daughter, I talked to
    campus police about how they handle violence between students, and then I
    also asked local police how well they think the campus police handle
    things, and how much they are involved with helping to protect students.
    And then I did my own research online. Your/your child’s safety and
    emotional well-being is just as important as your/your child’s education.

  5. WOW, wait, we need to allow those who make accusations to switch up their
    living situation and class schedule? Way to incentivize false reporting,
    this is an awful idea!! “OMG, I hate my polisci professor, I’m going to
    accuse Jimmy of groping me to switch classes.”

  6. I really don’t get this. Is it a situation in which there is a large swath
    of young men who just cannot control themselves? Were there external
    behavioral controls on previous generations that have been removed?

    Back in my day dishonorable young men didn’t think about being booted out
    of some damn school or going to prison. But they sure did live in fear of a
    father’s long shotgun and short temper. It sounds like the policy of
    outsourcing the protection of our daughters to civil authorities and
    incompetent bureaucracies has come back to haunt us.

  7. The colleges shouldn’t be doing *anything* about sexual assault, the police
    should, college admins are not qualified, and if a rapist is in prison he
    or she will no longer be on campus… but fuck that, right? Men accused of
    sexual assault should just be assumed guilty, let’s get back to lynch mobs,
    that was a clear winner. /s

  8. Sounds like your general rape culture feminazi bullshit. Why should schools
    punish students for being accused of rape. If there was actually a case
    against them they would have more to worry about than school… Leave
    policing to the police.

  9. Why would you report your rape to the college instead of going to the
    police first? WTF? Report the rape to the police and THEN GO TO THE COLLEGE

  10. Hmmm isn’t University of Michigan a huge party school? I want to know more
    details about these rape cases. 

  11. The problem is that these cases are handled internaly. If someone was
    stabbed or beaten the police would be involved in a sec. But the university
    rather brand women as “victims” and men as “predetors” without a legal
    investigation, judge and jury.

  12. plz i’m not american, so can someone explain to me this, are this “rape
    problems” a real issue, ppl are over reacting or even the data is

  13. More like a “I got drunk and fucked some guy because I wanted to and then
    regretted it later” problem… Ha.

  14. Universities shouldn’t be investigating rape at all. They should defer to
    the police. Title IX is an accuser’s wet dream.

  15. This saddens me because they are most likely trying to protect their
    precious athletes. give me a fucking break!! also shouldn’t students go to
    the police if they have gotten raped?

  16. These issues certainly had a huge effect on where I chose to go to college
    this year. Occidental happily claimed in their booklet they gave me on
    their tour that they had two campus security officers. I left their tour
    early. There clearly is an issue there and I do hope that this helps them
    sort it out.

  17. No baitch. The girls have a drink/drug/stupidity problem. The. Get
    drunk/black out then wander why they get rape!!!! Seriously!!!

  18. Undoubtedly, many of these colleges have been brushing cases of sexual
    assault under the rug, and people (namely frats) taking sexual advantage of
    people they get blackout drunk is definitely a problem. However, I raise my
    eyebrow at the campaign’s initiative to “have a place to report sexual
    assault,” because people already do– the *police*. They the ones who know
    how to conduct an investigation professionally and properly and aren’t
    constrained by the politics of the college. Why then would this campaign
    promote policies which direct people claiming sexual assault to systems
    with less biased, more competent investigators, and less politics? It would
    seem to me that they have an agenda to lower accountability, allowing male
    students to be convicted on nothing more than the accuser’s word, despite
    the fact that false allegations on college campuses are very much a thing,
    and those who make them rarely even get a slap on the wrist as is.

  19. diminishing profits is the only thing they care about. profit made them
    keep quiet, profit will make them deal with it, hopefully. 

  20. naming and shaming forces these collages to take the right steps to stop
    the miss handling on sexual assault by hitting where they will notice there
    admissions then in turn there wallet 

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