There’s 120 Different Bohemian Grove Camps

120 Different Bohemian Grove Camps Exposed – Illuminati Men’s Meeting. *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in an entertaining…


  1. What do you all think about me arguing with supposed Freemasons here on
    youtube?.. Because every single time that i comment about the Luciferian
    Doctrine of Freemasonry on a video, they seem to come out of the youtube
    woodwork.. They are very condescending, but “knowledgeable”, and they try
    to insult me every time, lol. Actually im really suprised that i haven’t
    seen any Masons argue with people on any of Dice’s particular videos.

    Mark, you would not believe how often & deeply i’ve argued with these
    supposed Masons.. I’ve learned so much about the excuses and misinformation
    that they use (or believe).. Their best excuse i’ve heard yet (& most
    common), was that the whole “Luciferian involvement with Freemasonry” was
    started by a man named “Leo Taxil” who eventually claimed it to be all a
    “hoax”. Look it up, its called the “Taxil Hoax”.. Also, another time i
    recited the Luciferian quotes from Manly P. Hall’s & albert Pike’s books to
    a Mason, he claimed that the interpretation of “Lucifer” seen from Pike’s &
    Hall’s perspective, is older and has a different meaning than what
    Christians know or believe, and that the word “Lucifer” is older than the
    bible, which only says the word once as “the star of the morning/venus”. 

  2. Keep up the good work mark. There’s so much trolls on your posts. Just
    ignore them, it just means your doing something right. 

  3. Bilderberg in the Woods;

    Hosea 4:13,14. They sacrifice on the mountain tops and burn offerings on
    the hills; under the big trees where the shade is pleasant. Therefore your
    daughters turn to prostitution; and your daughters in law to Adultery.
    vs14 (I will Not punish) your daughters when they turn to prostitution,
    nor your daughters in law when they commit Adultery, because the men
    themselves consort with harlots, and sacrifice with Shrine Prostitutes-A
    people without understanding, will come to Ruin.

    Simply because they commit Adultery; with idols and false gods.

  4. I’ve noticed a lot more trolls on your videos lately, a LOT more, must be
    doing something right then.

  5. The only people who continue to watch Mark’s trite Illuminati 101 videos
    are the ones who are only beginning to discover the illuminati.
    Those who have progressed beyond the elementary stage can see right through
    Mark’s bitter boring chip on his shoulder attitude against the very ones
    who refused him entry into their Hollywood society.
    So now he spends all his time bitching and griping about what a wonderful
    intelligent guy he is and how evil and unfair the industry are for snubbing
    him from being a celebrity.

  6. Mark have you been there before? Btw You should do some more videos on some
    song lyrics in the music industry.

  7. Great report Mark 8 ) keep the information coming bud, cuz there’s not too
    many people out there with the balls to tell it how it is. Truth is
    stranger then fiction…

  8. There’s 120 different camps in Bohemian Grove and 11 dimensions in the
    multiverse according to Michio Kaku. I love youtube related lists.

  9. Aren’t these unlawful assemblies? , And just how many ot these people get
    drunk in public arrests ? what about water way’s inside these camps, you
    know we have to keep them safe, how many UDI and DuI arrests of these rich
    bastards… Next time they have one of there get togethers, somebody needs
    to call the local sheriff and demand a welfare check on some of the members
    known to drink.

  10. You have Satanic number “13” thumb down in this hour, by these Satan
    worshipers or Satanism people, Mark.

  11. This is so much better than the TMZ stuff Dice. Just sayin! Although the
    TMZ stuff is interesting sometimes but more of this info is appreciated.

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