The zZz’s Show! Donald trump, Lindsey Grahms Phone Number, Minaj Vs Swift, Life Hacks

Welcome back, guys! We hope you enjoyed #growingupasagirl and national junk food day! (who doesn’t like to pig out?)! How much of a thug is Donald Trump yelling out Lindsey Grahm’s phone number? He is a having a great running right now. Apple keeps raking in crazy amounts of money, Grabbing over 1 billion dollars this Q3 on the Apple Watch alone ! Good news for the US and their allies now that a leader of Al-Qaeda has been taken out this month. Get Ready for some good movies coming out! Jessie Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart in American Ultra which looks badass, or if you wanna keep it more family friendly you could see Pixar’s upcoming movie The Good Dinosaur. Pop Culture is popping (get it) today. Some beef with the two beautiful song writers Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj going at it little today on twitter. Hope you guys get to use some of those tooth paste life hacks to your advantage! If you ever go to the BSR Super slide without us, we’re gonna be sad): you’ll burst our bubble like the chameleon Laura. Now, go catch some zZz’s! Goodnight 🙂

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Current Events Donald Trump is a Thug! -Apples Q3 is crazy ! Leader of al-Qaeda -Nicki and Taylor beef!

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