The YouTube Interview with President Obama

YouTube creators Bethany Mota, GloZell Green and Hank Green interview President Obama about the top issues facing them and their audiences. Live on Thursday, Jan 22, 2015 at 5pm ET.


  1. Is there a President that any of you fuckhead Americans like? All I ever
    see is Americans complaining about their presidents. Perhaps you should
    move to North Korea?

  2. Hopefully this comment system will be easier to maintain and conserve
    civility than the live stream comment feed was. That was simply asinine.
    This interview was wonderful to watch. Despite what some people may say,
    Barack Obama is an amazing leader and arguably one of the better Presidents
    of the United States. It seems that his level of intelligence makes the way
    he presents information difficult for a decent margin of the country to
    cope with, thus leading to opposition due to ignorance. The fluidity of
    this Q&A session was superb, and made for a great experience as the viewer.
    Kudos to all who were involved!

  3. He’s a really smooth talker – capable of squirming his way out of
    uncomfortable questions, although not enough were asked – typical

    1. Obamacare – disgusted with his statement about we all better have it,
    because something bad is gonna happen in the future. He completely failed
    to care or speak about the fact that HE TOOK AWAY OUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE NOT
    TO HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE AT ALL. Isn’t it UNAmerican to force it down our
    throats? I think so.

    2 He thinks the police are doing a great job – BS!! He failed to mention
    that the U.S. has THE MOST PRISONERS ON THE PLANET, and most of them are
    incarcerated for VICTIMLESS CRIMES (like smoking you know what). When one
    of the people asked him about legalizing it, I thought he shifted the issue
    quite rapidly to the states. Very convenient!! He WANTS to keep the War
    on Drugs intact because of the BIG REVENUES that are collected. He easily
    could’ve proposed FEDERAL LEGISLATION to repeal the prohibition in ALL THE
    STATES, but he chose not to.

    3. I only liked, or believed, one of his statements, and that was about
    gays having equal rights. There’s more, but that’s it for now.

  4. Bethany Mota is 19 years old and look what she’s doing with her life.
    Meanwhile I’m 19 as well, and I get nervous when the teacher does the damn
    roll-call in class. Sigh….haha

  5. President Obama is a great president. He has done a better job for poor
    people and the working class then any republican has ever done. Thank you
    president obama.

  6. Hank Green is the only person to ask decent questions with appropriate

    Using the worlds “po-po” when addressing the president is mind-boggling

    “Why is politics important?”

    I have never heard a leader of a country have his time more thoroughly

  7. Will meet and talk with Youtube, but won’t meet and talk with Benjamin
    Netanyahu or march with other world leaders in Paris. 

  8. I know this is gonna piss a lot of people off, but damn… Sometimes,
    GloZell just embarrasses me as a black man.

  9. Since when did Americans decide to not be informed because if you great
    political scientists remember the republican president put us into huge
    amounts of debt. He went into a war for approval ratings and photo ops. A
    man trying to get insurance for his nation isn’t the monster, the political
    opposition that has no respect for their peer is the true monster. They
    only see what the media tells them, so here’s to talking out of your ass,
    YouTube comment republicans.

  10. Let’s all just imagine for a second how simultaneously hilarious and
    depressing it would have been if Bush had attempted this exact same

  11. herp a derp cyber bullying is the biggest bullshit ever online you just hit
    the block button in real life there is no block button if you arent an
    idiot cyber bullying is the easiest thing to defend against ever created

  12. most of these comments are from teenagers who know nothing about politics
    and they basically repeat the stupid lies that their parents tell them
    about the president.

  13. The YouTube Village People: Nerdy white guy, Alternative black woman, Ditzy
    young girl. All asking stupid and EASY questions you’d find on CNN. I’d
    also bet money this crap was scripted.

  14. Glozell just had to make a racist comment. I’m tired of hearing about black
    people getting shot by white cop but the media will never tell u when white
    people get shot by black. So enough of this crap against cops. People who
    Are putting all this hate toward cops should be banned from calling the
    cops if the ever need help.

  15. Here’s my suggestion. Stop using people in prison for slave labor, so the
    prison corporations are able to make billions per year on that labor. Make
    them ONLY hire people who have been paroled; and pay them FAIRLY. Fill in
    the rest of the jobs from the public, with full benefits. They can afford
    this. Stop them from demanding full occupancy.

  16. I’m praying to Yeshua, sometimes spelled Yahshua, Our Lord and Jesus Christ
    that you, Mr. President are exposed sooner than later for the liar and
    beast and minister to Yekun(Lucifer) or Satan that you are. Why do you have
    to wait for congress to pass the minimum wage bill, I thought you told a
    friend of yours as you were crossing the White House lawn, That, you I
    believe basically said, “That’s the beautiful thing, I’m the President so I
    can do what ever I want, it doesn’t matter what congress thinks.” Like I
    said Mr. Akhenaten, I mean Lightning from heaven, cause that’s what your
    name Barrack Obama means right? In Islam, Muslim and Arabic nations,
    Barrack Obama means Lightning from Heaven. Well anyways, I pray for others
    out there mostly to be warned and protected from your Ancient Babylonian
    curses and as Anti-Christ you are to place a mark upon all citizens and
    cause all sorts of Abominations or is this Obama-Nation the cause of the
    coming abominations?

  17. Hank Green fielded some great questions that were actually a bit divisive
    and challenging for the president. Not sure why the President is still
    sticking to the North Korea narrative with regards to the Sony hack.

  18. Over 400,000 views, already over 185,000 comments. Good lord. I guess
    people do care to be involved in discussion about this stuff. That’s the
    highest comment-per-view ratio I’ve ever seen. Usually it’s more like 10%

  19. Who on Earth sent GloZell an invitation to this? She’s literally a person
    who has built a career out of being stupid, unreasonable, and loud. Hearing
    her questions left me disappointed, especially in the way they were phased,
    not necessarily because of the topics, because some of the questions she
    asked I found valid concerns to have Obama’s input on, but I just wish they
    were asked and constructed by someone else. But I can’t say it was

  20. I honestly wonder what the average age was for the people who viewed this,
    maybe youtube should have asked in like a survey right before or after the
    live stream

  21. I’ve got some questions, although some are kind of hardball. They’re mostly
    about education.

    1) Obama’s got a new plan to give people free community college. But
    according to Pew, the value of a two-year college degree is about the same
    as a high school diploma. Wouldn’t it make more sense to partly fund a full
    bachelor’s degree instead?

    2) FOLLOW-UP FROM (1) Is the free community college payment selective in
    anyway? In particular, do the schools have to pass some kind of curriculum
    and faculty test? Can it screen out predatory schools like DeVry University?

    3) FOLLOW-UP FROM (2) Will any kind of selective funding involve an
    analysis of how many credits transfer to other schools? Do you think this
    will make a 2-year degree more useful?

    4) I’m of the opinion that a good high school education is valuable, even
    more so that getting a college degree. But in some states high schools have
    to pay federal taxes like medicare, unemployment, and workers compensation.
    So they get funding, and then have to give the funds back anyway. Wouldn’t
    it make more sense to remove these taxes, and shift them over to someone in
    the private sector?

    Thank you for reading this. Also, I may be leading the debate a little. I
    apologize if that’s annoying, but I’m not really trained in this.

  22. lol should’ve interview zbigniew brzezinski or war criminal henri kissinger
    instead. or maybe goldman sachs? or that fuckhead george soros?
    #meethenewbosssameastheoldboss no, wait, sorry, I think freakshow joey
    biden would’ve been a better choice, now that he has been dropping the NWO
    keywords in speeches these days. but i’m sorry, it’s all just a ploy,
    really, right? just me being paranoid and living under my bed?” conspiracy
    theorist” (a term invented by the CIA in doc 1035-960) is now a blanket
    term that can be applied to anyone/everyone with a viewpoint that doesn’t
    agree with the government’s (both hidden and in-sight) agendas and
    dictations. should’ve asked barry here about the NDAA, as well as the host
    of other fascistic laws he extended (like bush’s PATRIOT act), as well as
    the infamous Monsanto Protection Actl. If I was a “young person” (lol,
    woops, I AM!) I would be very concerned why someone in a presidential
    position (or anyone beneath them) would condone the action of one of the
    largest and most controversial agricultural companies, who has a massive,
    massive track record of poisoning and killing indigenous peoples of various
    countries, improperly testing food items we are ALL consuming currently and
    a revolving-door policy between its corporate leaders and those in the Food
    and Drug Administration. nah, none of that is interesting though. I’d
    rather talk to some puppet in a suit about marijuana in hopes that somehow
    the federal government will EVER change its mind towards a substance that
    has been squelched for years, mainly because of how much GOOD it could do
    this country and the world. #fuckthisshit 

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