The US Workforce – The Business of Life (Episode 1)

Compared with the rest of the world, Americans work notoriously hard. But as income inequality increases, the growing millennial workforce is redefining what they want out of a job. To unpack…


  1. How does the new landscape of the US workforce effect us? We break down the
    issue using facts, figures, dollars, and cents.

  2. Ironic that we’re receiving “better money habits” from bank of america
    after we had to bail them out to the tune of 20+ billion dollars back in

  3. Great show, but way too fast paced. Take your time when editing the show, I
    was overwhelmed by the number of sudden cuts and the speed from topic to
    topic. I bet you could easily make a 40min show with all the material you

  4. Karōshi (過労死), which can be translated literally as “death from overwork”
    in Japanese, is occupational sudden death. You work hard? We work Asian
    Hard. We literally die from work. You want to compare sadness, we are the
    saddest of them all. We are not proud of it. Something is very wrong.
    And we are trapped in it. Now, America is joining us. Hopefully the same
    fate won’t befall on America. Because we look forward to the day we can
    have a healthy balanced work life like America in the past.

  5. As a European, it really surprised me that Americans work so hard and are
    legally not entitled to any paid vacation. In Estonia, you work 40h a week
    and are entitled to 28 days of paid vacation. I almost feel like a
    socialist now. However I still feel like I would earn more and still go to
    an unpaid vacation no problem while working in the US, being a software

  6. If you’re going to talk about economic issues, please bring on an
    Economist… not a bunch of reporters.

  7. Getting a college degree was not ever a “ticket to the middle class”,
    getting a college degree was something only the middle class and rich did
    before the 70s.

    Getting a useful college degree is a “ticket to the middle class”, getting
    a useless college degree from a shitty college is a ticket to long term
    debt and a shit job. Go to a state school and get an engineering degree and
    have $20K in debt with a job that pays $65K your first year. Go to a for
    profit college and major in sociology and have $60K in debt and if you can
    get a job, it pays $30K.

  8. This is just babble, the whole structure is a joke. Life is short…don’t
    give it away to a corporation or school debt.

  9. Wow look at that all those negative comments on the trailer and a bunch of
    the comments here are like “interesting show, do more”. Goes to show not to
    judge until youve watched.

  10. If you get a BA in Art, History, English, etc…and then complain that you
    dont get a Job in an age where Tech is king. I don’t have much sympathy for
    you. Doing what you love is important,but only if you can do it for the
    rest of your life reliably. You need skills to be successful not
    necessarily knowledge. If ur unskilled dont expect to have a long term job
    you can live on for the rest of their life.

  11. Consider this and i know this is not the USA, but in 1974 my dad graduated
    Glasgow University with a 1st Class (Hons) degree in Civil Engineering.
    The day he graduated, he went to his boss at the Joinery (Construction) and
    said he had just graduated, the boss then introduced him to a Engineering
    company Boss who was there at the site, and got my Dad a Job building Oil
    Rigs in the North Sea.
    You wouldn’t be able to do that now.

  12. It really depends on what BA you have, because if you have a BA in Art
    History you can’t expect to get a job at an Deloitte

  13. Further improvement in infrastructure and transportation and further
    advancements in technology. As long as US stay the course of technological
    advancements there will always be potential to fill. Silicon Valley and
    California will lead the way. ;D

  14. Instead of focusing on economic growth, why not direct our focus on
    happiness growth? How much money do we really need to make or how much
    materials do we need to make? GNP vs GNH?

  15. Even though Islam has nothing to do with this but I’m just going to say
    this now before somebody does but… fuck Islam
    I’m just kidding, fuck you to the racist pricks who say that shit.

  16. Notoriously stupid “journalist,” Michael “Chomsky doesn’t know anything”
    Moynihan, serves as moderator for a Business News program, brought to you
    by Bank of America – an institution which totally wasn’t just fined
    billions of dollars by the DOJ for knowingly participating in highly
    fraudulent, illegal, and risky transactions that nearly destroyed the
    global economy. In related news, Vice co-founder Shane Smith – despite
    having a net worth of $400 million and painting himself as a
    counter-culture liberal executive – still pays his employees in wages
    bordering on the poverty line.

  17. great premise and idea, however I think this would be a lot better if you
    brought actual national and international econimist instead of a bunch of
    opinionated reporters

  18. They did not mention that right now, on average, middle and poor classes i
    the US are poorer than middle and poor classes in other countries like
    Canada or France, you guys work more but receive less, eventhough we might
    earn less, in Canada because of taxes, at the end of the day, we don’t pay
    for expenses like medication or going to see a doctor, medical related

  19. Its interesting to listen all this about American labor market considering
    that I’m going to San Francisco this summer to work for the minimum wage,
    as an exchange student form the Eastern Europe (A.K.A. The Best Europe).

  20. Good thing working on ships. No tax. Work for 6 months and take a 2 month
    vacation back home. 6 months wage tax free is a lot of money to spend. 

  21. Maybe the millennials just dont care as much about making money, to a
    degree, compared to prior generations. I don’t think that this is a bad
    thing either. Maybe work just does not look as appealing anymore to rush to
    make that next sale or to meet a higher quota then last year, but for what
    reason do we need to make that sale or raise the quota of the year? What
    purpose is there to making money other then to sustain life and have some
    enjoyment apart of it? Are jobs satisfying in America to work at? Maybe we
    should take a step back from how we approach work and see how we can
    improve a worker’s life instead.

  22. Hey Look, a bunch of idiots sitting around a table saying a whole lot of
    sponsored by the Banks… Oh well that’s why.

  23. They forgot this part “well ya see kids, we let millions of Mexicans come
    and take manufacturing jobs, service jobs and manual labor jobs, then we
    shipped half the manufacturing jobs to china… that’s why you’re all
    fucked.” vice is so liberal. The problem with dualities is that you can’t
    tell the whole truth cause your too busy sniffing your own ass. Tell the
    fucking truth Vice News, we might respect you for that.

  24. Poor millenials.. I like how they all have high aspirations to just have a
    regular “decent” paying job and settle for less but entitled attitudes. Why
    not strive to change your futures or invent things and solve problems
    instead of bitch and moan all the time. I’m a college grad too but got my
    real estate license and help investors start of businesses. Instead of
    borrowing for college I’d had rather borrowed to start my own business. Get
    off you effing iphones and Facebook and wake up.

  25. Why aren’t more people getting Associates Degrees? By doing this and
    spending 2 years in college, I earn more than the median wage after
    graduation. At that time, I was only 22. I did this without having any
    tuition debt.

    I’m so surprised that this isn’t always brought up as an option.

  26. Wow this mouth breathing audience. The idiot blonde at the beginning that
    spaces out during the answer to her question is one thing, but this moron
    Kareem thinking that the unemployment in Spain actually could be
    correlative to the absence of Apple, Amazon and Google…he actually
    thought and said these words out loud! Fucking idiot

  27. Holy hipsters batman. I was initially turned off by the aesthetic but
    decided to watch it with an open mind since Vice has never let me down when
    it’s trying to act like a News agency. Finally a real discussion about the
    economy thats based on objective fact and doesn’t devolve into a “one side
    vs the other” autism fest. I particularly liked that they applied a proper
    amount of blame to the younger generation (not over or understating it) and
    a proper amount of blame to society. (ie: all you need it a college degree
    and that a lot of jobs are not beneficial to stay at long term(relating to
    a complaint that employers had))

  28. Why in the world would I feel any type of loyalty towards a company who
    sees me as disposable and doesn’t care of its employees if they can drop me
    for any reason an of course I take a better paying job any time

  29. BA/BS is not all what it is cracked up to be. I’m currently 32… Got an
    AA in business. Was Microsoft certified in 2008/2009 and I now make
    significantly more than twice the median working in the field that I
    enjoy… It was all about getting my foot in the door in the industry that
    I wanted and putting in the time and getting the experience that I needed.

  30. Its funny how people complain about not earning money with their shitty
    majors such as, English, History, Psychology, Sociology, Art, Music, ect.
    Instead of choosing a major for dumbasses actually do something hard.

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