The Stakes of Regulation: Perspectives on ‘bread, Politics and Political Economy’ Forty E-Book

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Scholars have long regarded bread, Politics and Political Economy in the Reign of Louis Xv (1976) as marking an important moment in the study of the social, political and cultural history of eighteenth-century France. the Stakes of Regulation is the companion volume to a new edition of this landmark study, revealing how Kaplans thinking has evolved in reaction both to the changing intellectual, epistemological, historiographical and socio-political environment, and to the significant scholarship that has been accomplished during the past forty years. Kaplan remains faithful to his original premise: that the subsistence question is at the core of eighteenth century history, and that the issues joined by the struggle over liberalization continue to shape our destiny today through the bristling tension between liberty and equality, and the debate over the necessity, legitimacy and character of regulation.

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