The Placeholder President Goes to War, Confusing the Useful Idiots

Mike Cernovich, Lee Stranahan and others are saying that Steve Bannon will be kicked out of the White House this week, along (perhaps) with Reince Priebus.

If this occurs, it proves that Trump has completely capitulated to the establishment. Much of his base will abandon him and he will be completely dependent upon the deep state going forward. He will have to do whatever they want to survive, and what they want is total war.

The “Russia hacked the election” hysteria directly led to the coming war. I urge the dupes, useful idiots, and deep state pawns on the left, who have been screaming about Russia and ‘election hacking’ for weeks, to consider their role in the current state of things. They helped force Trump’s hand. They helped create a Placeholder President, and they are responsible for the consequences.

Axios article on Bannon, Priebus ouster:

NYT article re: Bannon battling with Kushner:

NYT article labeling opponents of Syria bombing as ‘white nationalists’:

WaPo article labeling opponents of Syria bombing as ‘racists’:

Sample NYT ‘young presidency’ article:


  1. Now he's a "legitimate" president since he fired some missiles. Nice one, MSM. Do you think it's a foregone conclusion that we will go to a full scale war?

  2. It's troubling but….

    The attack was the worst kept secret. Syria, Russia, Rebels were all notified to clear the area. Syria and Russia were allowed to move equipment and aircraft off the base. So the base was devoid of people and military equipment, and the airbase is a back water. It was a show of force…I think Trump is embattled, but I think this attack was a message

    "Be careful how you act because it may force my hand like this false flag has….do not give them reasons to start WW3. Because if you do the response will be immediate and decisive "

    I think other world leaders know what Trump is trying to do in regards to the deep state and those that dont want to be under the thumb of globalists are going to work with him in ways they can even if there is no direct communication. Russias lack of posturing over this is what lends the idea credibility. It's important to the optics of the whole wanting of war that its start can be blamed on Russia or Syria….look at the back flips that were done to oust Hussein, and trying to paint no WMD as his fault. Russia puts the deep state in a tougher position every time they don't retaliate. What this attack did do though, is give Russia an excuse to move more military hardware into syria. Which means more resources to fight with and end this shit quicker. But it's clear this attack isnt going to start WW3.

    Now about Trump flipping. I don't think Trump is dumb enough to not realize the fallout of his base should he fire bannon. He likely lost his cross party voters with the syria attack he'd know he'd be putting the kibosh on a re-election by also disenfranchising his base. But the dismissal/marginalizing/resigning of bannon is the canary in the coal mine on that one. But I've always thought that if Trump is forced to capitulate on one thing, it would be foreign policy…..from the outset aside from Flynn no one he installed from Mattis to Coats is terribly far from the norm. I think Trump was prepared to lose on this front and would be happy to settle for some bargaining leverage from it. Though the telegraphing of deep state capitulation would be if he went to war through his own declaration rather than a vote in congress. If he pitches the ball to congress we know he is making a last stand on the topic. I could be wrong but in the order of events it would be hard to effect foreign policy if the deep state was still in power. Thats why I think this sloppy false flag was done, because once the investigation into obamagate starts nobody is going to be believing the CIA,NSA, FBI about any intel. Of course the sweeping under the rug of Obamagate would be another indicator Trump flipped.

  3. Heartbroken…I'm too weak to be going through this again. Is it possible that in reality we were the useful idiots? I've been resisting hospice for three months now…so great was my hope. Maybe i'll call them on Monday.

  4. Trumps not fooling me! Iv felt he was falling away for weeks now! You can't justify what he did in Syria the other day! I will treat him like I treat Bush Hillary Obama and the rest of the war criminals!

  5. Trump is up to his neck in the swamp ,And after what's he's done in Syria he can sink for all I care

  6. I feel your pain SN. Sort of how I felt when Bernie started shilling for Hillary. Since I am against these wars for regime change. I guess I a white nationalist.

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